1. The family lovesa 69 von Donna Allen

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    Chapter 1 "Please, stick it in right away," Jackie whispered frantically. The bosomy young wife lay sprawled on the bed. She was naked and her fingers were buried inside her wet pink pussy-lips. Her husband, Greg, hovered over her. He swore as his cock slipped to the side and stabbed her inner thigh. "Can't you find my hole?" she giggled. "If you'd take your hand away, maybe I could." "I sure went crazy there for a minute," she said. "I'm still horny, but you can take your time. Just stick.it in though, honey. Stick your big cock into my cunt and fuck me good and hard." "Sometimes I think I shouldn't have married such a young chick." Greg smiled, bending down and kissing her. "Maybe you're just too hot for me." "Ooooohhhh, don't go away," she squealed, reaching for bis randy prick. She crawled around and licked the tip briefly. "Fuck me, honey. I'm not too young for you. You're too old for me." He snickered as he shoved a pillow between her legs. "Here. Use that to fuck yourself." She threw the pillow across the room. "Not when I've got you, baby." She gazed lustily at his cock. His prick was stiff and big and she loved it. It was the reason she fell in love with Greg on their first date even though he was older than she was and was divorced and had custody of two teenaged sons. Becoming the stepmother of two almost-grown boys had worried her at first. But she was so happy with Greg her fears dissipated. And the boys were sweet and seemed to like her. Now she watched Greg ... pump his prick. Dark blue veins pulsated up and down his cockshaft. His jizz-slit was bubbling over with whitish juice. She considered taking his cock into her mouth and sucking his balls dry. "The boys are crazy about you," Greg said as he jerked his cock up and down. "How are you and Vickie getting along?" "Okay, honey," Jackie said, clinging to his arm and kissing him. Vickie was Greg's orphaned niece whom he was raising along with his two boys. Jackie lied when she said she and Vickie were getting along. In fact, Vickie was sarcastic and obviously resentful of Jackie's presence. Being only a few years older than the teenager didn't help. Jackie knew that and tried to understand the girl, but it wasn't easy. Thank God Greg was so wonderful. She kissed and licked his nipples. Thank God he had such a talented cock and kept her so well fucked. Sometimes she thought her sex drive was stronger than Greg's. But it wasn't a problem. At least not yet. Now she fingered her pussy. Her dark, curly cunt-bush was normally unruly. Now it was wet and matted and stuck to her fingers. "I guess I'll just have to fuck myself," she said, thrusting two fingers deep inside her cunthole. "Jesus, it turns me on to watch you do that," Greg said. She deliberately raised her shapely round ass off the bed. She had a ripe curvy body and most of the time Greg eouldn't keep his hands off her. Holding his prick in his fist, Greg climbed between her legs again. Her thighs were splayed and she knew that now ...