1. To Walk a Mile

    Date: 6/9/2017, Categories: Fiction, Lactation, Group Sex, Mature, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: Burnt Redstone, Source: sexstories.com

    ******** Chapter 1 Ed liked his new truck. It was shiny and big and had a heater that worked. It had lots of other toys too but he hadn't really played with them yet. He'd discovered the air conditioner though. The truck was a present from some of the ladies he loved. When his previous F-150 was destroyed in an accident he'd insisted that he could take the bus to work but they wouldn't have it. Rachel, Angie, and Zoe had all pitched in to buy him a brand new Ford F-150 XLT. It was black with chrome accents in a sports package look, whatever that was. All he knew was that it drove really well and he liked it. While the heater worked and he'd made good use of it over the winter months, he certainly didn't need it these days. Spring had arrived early and it seemed like summer was in an even bigger hurry. Even though in two days it would only be the first of May the temperatures were higher than normal and he'd been able to go without a jacket for the past week. His work coverall was plenty warm enough on its own. He rolled his shoulders, enjoying the lack of tightness the new coverall he'd just been given this morning now afforded him. Over the winter months he'd gotten back into his workout routine and discovered he'd increased his muscle mass to the point where his already form fitting coverall had become constrictive. Gwyneth was the new office's dispatch / receptionist / human resources officer at Drakos Heating and Cooling. She'd ordered the new coverall to give his new ... larger, harder muscles some space to breathe. While Gwyneth was a bubbly, smart, and plump bundle of energy who was fun to talk to, he missed Lydia. After a whirlwind romance she'd married a lawyer named Julian and no longer worked for her Dad. Ed had attended the wedding and Julian seemed like a really nice guy. Ed wished them both a long and happy marriage. Ed pulled his mind back to the task at hand. Gwyneth had dispatched him to a job in his own neighborhood. Zoe's new construction in fact. Her new house was coming along nicely. It was unlike any house Ed had ever seen before and had some rather challenging heating and cooling requirements. Ed enjoyed the challenge and had offered some innovated solutions for the unique build. Zoe had sworn him to secrecy so he couldn't reveal any of the details to his family and friends. She wanted it to be a surprise when it was ready for 'the big reveal' as Zoe called it. He pulled up to the gate and pressed the buzzer. "Hi Ed, come on in!" That was Zoe's voice so she must be in the construction office trailer. The gate opened and Ed drove in and parked next to it. He walked inside and she rushed over to get a hug and a kiss. At 5' 3", Zoe Sandoval may have been petite in stature but her curves were breathtaking. More the result of medical science than nature perhaps but eye catching in the extreme. Her breasts were large and round, larger than her small frame normally supported. She was diligent with her exercises to maintain the muscles ...