1. Jasmine and Me.

    Date: 6/9/2017, Categories: Fiction, First Time, Romance, Teen, Author: stex, Source: sexstories.com

    Jasmine is special, I love her so much. I remember the first time we made love, it was on my eighteenth birthday. I got up early and biked over to her house, we'd arranged for her to stay home while her parents went to church. That was the day we could have sex without worrying about the law. I got to her house, and she kissed me on the cheek. I said "I'm eighteen now, I'm like legal now." She replied, "Oh, yeah." Then she was quiet, I was worried that she was going to change her mind again, but without saying a word, she took my hand and lead me up the stairs to her room. I'd been in her room many times, her folks considered me safe. Her dad was one of my Physics teachers and not only had I been one of her dad's star students, I helped her out with her work. If they knew what I was really after I'm sure I wouldn't have been welcome. In her room we held hands and kissed, a very chaste kiss, like we used to. She said, "I have an idea I think you'll like." She sat down on the bed, and reached for my zip. She unzipped me and reached inside. I was liking her idea already. She struggled getting me free of my shorts, I'd been hard since the ride over anticipating this, I was even harder now she was actually touching my dick. She leaned forward and gave me a tentative lick, wow! did I like that. She grew in confidence and licked some more, then she popped her mouth over the head. I can't really say what happened after that, I was in heaven. All too soon, I was like "Nnngh!" and I ... came in her mouth. My knees buckled, I managed to fall onto the bed, and not on top of Jasmine. I was still trying to recover some sense when Jasmine hugged me. The feeling of her jugs pressing into my side was interesting and brought me back some. "I'm guessing you enjoyed that." "No Duh! That was totally amazing." "I have some other ideas, I think you'll like. How would you like to see me naked?" I was shocked, that wasn't something I expected pure innocent Jasmine to ask. I didn't say anything, my mouth opened and nothing came out. "Well, I think you would." She got up off the bed and undid a button on her top, it was the usual sort of white ruffly blouse. It was now the center of my attention. Her hand reached for the next button, I was salivating in anticipation, so I was kinda disappointed when she said "Maybe not." She let the button go. However, her hands went to the hem of her skirt. "What do you think of the skirt?" Well, it was a skirt, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to think. Then she pulled up the hem to reveal, everything. She wasn't wearing any panties. I'm not sure if shock or desire was the stronger emotion at this point. I was shocked that Jasmine, pure innocent Jasmine would go without panties, I really desired to see more. The hem of the skirt fell back down covering her. "So you like the skirt." She said, matter of factly, "I thought you might, I've seen you looking at the cheerleaders or your tennis partners in their short skirts. I thought I'd try one ...