1. Sex in the Car and Getting Caught!

    Date: 6/9/2017, Categories: Mature, Sex Humor, Voyeur, Author: coolboomer, Source: xHamster

    This actually happened and is 100% real! The location is Ontario Airport in Ontario CA. I had just come home from a business trip and after a week was hornier than hell. This was in 2000, I was 42 at that time so was my wife. I had to travel maybe 4-6 times a year and really did not like it. We had a little phone sex while I was gone and she always knew each time I traveled that I wanted her to &#034dress up&#034 in some new sexy lingerie to meet me at the airport. I was always excited to see what new &#034uniform&#034 or outfit she would be wearing, plus it added to our already large sexy lingerie collection. Sandy is petite 34 C with a nice round ass and flat stomach, about 5&#0344 and 135.. I am average sized. She wore a long dress that covered everything up but it was thin, I could tell she had stockings and garters on when I hugged and kissed her hello at the airport. I felt her ass and pussy and could not feel any panties, she had nice high heels on. I am sure some people saw my hands wondering over her ass and in the front to try to feel what she had on underneath. At this point I have a raging hard on. I felt her pussy hair through the thin fabric. Once we waited for the luggage (around 9:30), we went to our car but it was very bright outside with several lights and very busy. We went a few miles away behind a restaurant in a parking lot where several trucks had parked, it was very dark and quiet there. I must have been tired because for some reason she was driving ... and I was in the passenger seat. As soon as we parked, I pulled down my pants to free my boner and so she could suck me. Behind the wheel, she kneeled on the seat and went in to suck me, it was a little cramped so she rolled the window down on her side. It was not a bench seat, there was a barrier between us she had to get up and over. Meanwhile I had pulled her dress all the way up so I could see all of her legs and ass and all the way to her sexy bra covered boobs. Her dress was almost up to her neck. She had on some new lavender colored garters and stocking and matching bra. I like her pussy hairy, so the garter and stockings framed her hairy pussy like a piece of art. So while I have her dress up as high as it will go, she has her ass practically out the window as she starts going down on me, bobbing her head and stroking my cock. I am feeling everything I can on her, as my hands run all over her body. I eventually put my seat back and she is so horny that she sits on my face for me to taste and lick her pussy. She is really wet, she rubs her hot wet pussy all over my mouth as I tongue her and lick and suck on her clit, and comes pretty quickly and loudly. She is a bit of a screamer when she comes. Now I am REALLY horny and she goes back to the original position of her kneeling, ass up, and sucks my dick. It did not take long before I come and she takes it in her mouth, and when I was finished she spits it out the window on the pavement. Never could get her to swallow! Cant ...