1. What Makes A man?

    Date: 6/10/2017, Categories: Gay, Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories

    A few weeks before my seventeenth birthday I found myself attending a new school in grade eleven. I won’t go in to specifics about the events leading up to this occurrence, suffice to say that my dad had caught me in a compromising situation with my best friend, Billy. Deciding that he needed to make a man out of me I was enrolled in a, ‘boy’s only’ boarding school. There were four hundred boys at the school who were divided up into four separate houses. Each of the four double storey blocks contained one hundred pupils ranging from grade eight, to grade twelve. Downstairs in each of the buildings there were three large dormitories with twenty beds, for the three junior grades. Upstairs, the two senior grades, eleven and twelve, were accommodated in seven dormitories each containing five beds. The five house prefects and the three house masters each had their individual rooms. Every house also had identical ablution areas on both floors, juniors downstairs, and seniors upstairs. All four hundred pupils were fed in a communal dining room containing forty tables. Each table consisted of ten scholars, two from each of the five grades. Jeff Foster was one of the grade twelves at our table, and was nineteen years old. He was repeating grade twelve, having failed the year before. Jeff was six foot four tall and one of the star performers in our rugby side. Jeff had an affable nature and wasn’t as hectic most of the other grade twelve seniors. Meal times could sometimes be a little ... rough for the skivvies (grade eights), but the atmosphere at our table was always very relaxed. Jeff was fairly unattractive. He had large droopy eyes, a broad nose, and a mouth that always hung slightly open, giving him a somewhat dopey expression. Jeff also had an acne problem, and the skin on his face, upper back, and chest, bore the evidence of his burden. Jeff, however, was scrupulously clean and showered twice a day to alleviate the problems that his oily skin caused him. I really felt sorry for the embarrassment that this condition triggered. Most guys only showered once a day after sport in the afternoon. Although very few guys showered in the morning, I would not miss this ritual for the world. Straight boys have no shame when it comes to morning-glories, and would simply walked into the shower area with erect cocks, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Naturally having discovered this, cock-hound that I was, I never missed a morning shower for the following two years. Jeff always showered in the morning, as mentioned, and always sought the help of someone to wash his back. Understandably, there weren’t too many volunteers. Early on I offered my services in this regard, and thereafter became his official back washer. Jeff had a beautiful body, with the most magnificent huge hands and feet. His cock was awesome, and he was definitely one of the frontrunners in the size department at the school. I frequently had a really hard time not popping a boner as I ...