1. Back to 1965, Danang, Vietnam

    Date: 6/10/2017, Categories: Anal, BDSM, Gay, Author: swat412, Source: xHamster

    An Officer but no Gentleman This is a follow-up to the Danang, Vietnam story of 1965; the one about getting the 2 big black cocks. Getting my ‘cunt’ stretched by them became a regular thing following the first time. Since the original story was posted I’ve found out just how small the world is; I had another guy contact me who was stationed there at the same time. He and some friends had heard the rumor that there was a younger foreign guy working as a prostitute at the Bamboo Bar. A guy that would take any sized cock and had taken 2 huge black ones. I had only taken one huge one, the other guy was what I’d call above average – about 9”, nice and thick. They had both worked me over pretty well and, I’d had the pleasure of taking them a few more times. After those evenings I was left gaping and sore. I tried to always take the smaller one first; have him stretch my ‘cunt’ out and make taking the second one easier. It was still painful in the beginning; like getting your cherry popped every time. In my case, my mindset, I loved it and was proud to service big black cocks. The officer showed up a few weeks after I’d started. Mai contacted me and told me that she’d set everything up…as long as I was interested in doing it. He was specifically interested in the ‘young white ladyboy’ and the trick would include some pain; which I was to take quietly and properly. In the past he’d used another of the girls this way; I was told that she could handle the ‘belt’ but the rough anal ... after was too much for her. I did talk to the girl (the best my beginning Vietnamese would allow) and found out that, he wasn’t that big, he just liked it hard and rough until he blew his load. Mai had really stuck it to him on the price though; she was making out very well on my young ass! On the appointed evening I went to the bar, gave myself a quick ‘douche’ and got ready for my trick. Yes, I was more than a little nervous; the prospect of getting my ass whipped with an unknown ‘belt’ didn’t thrill me, I was in it for the cock. I’d picked a dress that was more Japanese than Vietnamese, above my knees and slit up one side from just below my cheek to the hem. The panties were brief cotton and pretty tight; I just wore a small strapless camisole top under the dress – he knew I was a guy anyway so a bra would be useless. All he wanted was to whip my ass then give it a good hard fucking. I wanted to get it over with. I seated myself on the bed and waited with a building nervousness. When he entered the room I was sitting up straight, legs together with my hands folded in my lap…showing a lot of leg and a small flash of panty. After closing the door he took a minute to look me over before telling me (not asking) to stand up. We traded places; he sat on the bed, I stood in front of him. He pulled me close and started groping me; gently at first but it was still groping. As he groped he asked some questions: Did I know what was going to happen? How old was I? Did I like anal sex? Did ...