1. The paramedic and my rectal temperature

    Date: 6/10/2017, Categories: Anal, Mature, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster

    The paramedic and my rectal temperature I was alone that long week end; Victor had flown away from town and would come back on Tuesday. By Sunday evening I felt my corporal temperature was burning me to flames; I decided to call a doctor to come home to check my warm body… By midnight somebody rang the doorbell. I stood up from the bed; I was little bit flimsy, but I made my way to the entrance. I opened the door and found there a young paramedic… a very young and handsome one. I let him in and asked to go with me to the master bedroom upstairs. He followed me; I was sure he was enjoying the rear sight from my hips and ass cheeks moving through the silk of my nightdress… In the middle of the stairs I almost fainted due to my weakness and the young paramedic moved quickly, taking me in his strong arms. He carried me to the bed and he lifted my nightdress over my head, leaving me fully naked. My nakedness made him groan, as my nipples had grown hard due to the contact with his strong and muscled body. They were visibly hardening as he looked at me; my own body was responding to his hungry look… He asked me to bend over my stomach, because he wanted to take my rectal temperature. I lay flat facing the white sheets, as I heard some noise as if somebody was undressing… Suddenly I felt the paramedic climbing on the bed; the heat of his hard cock touching my smooth buttocks. Was he going to fuck me??? He told me he had forgotten the thermal device to control my corporal heat, but ... he would take anyway my anal temperature. Then I knew he was going to sodomize me…. I was too weak for some resistance, but at same time, I was in the mood for a good butt fucking. I closed my eyes as he lent in and scooped two fingers of some kind of oil and then he probed his rock hard dick against my tight rosebud. His first touch caused my anus to close and tighten, as he tried to enter me. He started pushing, as I was trying to help him, knowing I was willingly opening my anus, to receive him, deep and hard. Each push moved my body forward, until finally I parted, weakened by his constant pushing. He got his edge, the fleshy point where I cracked, and his full hard cock went in, almost his full length. I gasped and my eyes opened wide as I felt him passing by my backdoor resistance, my now not so tight anus… my powerful sphincter tried for just a second to resist his movement, but soon he knew I could take his full size cock deep in my rectum. Then he smiled and whispered in my ear: “Madam, your corporal heat seems to be right, but I will check a bit more” So, he started to pump my anus with his huge erection deep shoved in me. Soon my body started to respond to his fucking motion and then together we moved as one. I could feel him breathing heavily on my back, as he moved back and forth, pumping my asshole faster and harder. “Can you feel it, Madam?… your ass is responding well to mi care” He said. I got my eyes closed and put my hand close to my shaved mound, spreading ...