1. A New Lust For Loving! - Part 1

    Date: 6/10/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Straight Sex, Female solo, Toys, Voyeur, Wife / MILF, Author: Theego007, Source: sexstories.com

    Joanne had managed to make it back to her holiday apartment, still dripping water and slightly out of breath from the assault on the three flights of stairs. Only moments earlier, she had opened her eyes to find a guy in the hot tub with her. How long had he been there, she wondered? What made the whole event even more awkward was that he had tried to make conversation with her, as she surfaced from her embarrassment. But Joanne hadn’t been having any of it, regardless of his drop dead gorgeous looks, she had quickly made her excuses and left, having ensured her pussy was covered back up, mistakenly ignoring her towel from the edge of the tub and beating a hasty retreat to her top floor hideaway. Joanne was 5ft 4in, brown eyes, long flowing hair and had a great body. Let me emphasise that a little better! Her body was GREAT! She was more of a Nigella Lawson than athletic. Her tits were a splendid 40E, but she carried them extremely well and also oozed classiness along with it. She was also graced with the most perfect lips on any human being. Lips that were just made to deal out the most exceptional kisses and of course, men would say that they were “cock sucking lips!” She couldn’t however, believe what an awkward position she had just put herself in! She was absolutely sure that the hot tub was empty, so he could only have entered the water while she was under the distraction of her heightened pleasure and any noise he made hidden by the volume of the air pumps. How ... foolish she now felt, but also how thrilling it was too! She had previously been married to Glenn for such a long time before they split up, their sex life had been non-existent for 6 months prior to that and she had never dared to do anything as dangerous and thrilling as this before. She wondered what had gotten into her? Had she become some kind of sex manic? A pervert almost? She found herself thinking about being watched in the hot tub by the mystery man. Did he really know what she had been up to? No, of course he didn’t! How could he possibly know, as she was submerged, all apart from her head and shoulders. However, she thought, there was absolutely no covering up the huge orgasms that she had experienced, courtesy of the air jets. Orgasms that he ex-husbands average cock never did give her. Sure, he got her off, but never anything Earth shattering. He was more the size of the “discreet vibrator” that could be easily put into a handbag or a purse on a night out, but right at that moment she was longing for a cock again. Joanne flopped backwards onto the king sized bed and allowed herself to daydream about what she had just experienced. She was still wet between her legs. Very wet, in fact! Her nipples were poking through her bikini top to the extent that they were hurting her. She propped herself up on her elbows and untied the bow which was tied behind her back. Slipping her top off and throwing it on the floor, she looked at her almost perfectly formed breasts, caressing ...