1. Hermione the Shiteater

    Date: 6/10/2017, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Fan fiction, Lesbian, Humiliation, Straight Sex, Mind Control, Rape, Scatology, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: Cherry Blazzzer, Source: sexstories.com

    I do not own Harry Potter, and make no profit from writing this story. Sorry for mistakes, it's my first story in English, which isn't my native language. Warning! This story is a kind of weird radio play. It contains watesports, scat, rape and other nasty stuff. Hermione the Shiteater Interview with Hermione Granger taken by Rita Skeeter in Hogwarts, 1st June 1998. Wizarding Wireless broadcast. RITA SKEETER. Good morning, my dear listeners. I'm Rita Skeeter, your favorite journalist, and I'm visiting Hogwarts School today. Make your wizarding wireless louder, because you'll hear the most mind-blowing interview in my career. Of course you know how our glorious and mighty Dark Lord banned all the mudbloods and blood-traitors from attending Hogwarts after He had won His rightful war a month ago. But one notorious mudblood has stayed at Hogwarts to get a proper education of another kind. Today she's going to tell us about her new role in our decent pureblood society. Well, darling, what's your name? HERMIONE GRANGER. My name is... oh... I'm formerly known as Hermione Granger. RITA. And how do you call yourself now? HERMIONE. ... RITA. Please repeat, I don't understand you. HERMIONE. Hermione... [Sigh]. Hermione the Shiteater. RITA. Beautiful and appropriate name for a mudblood. Could you say it loud so that each of our listeners can hear? HERMIONE. [Sigh]. I CALL MYSELF HERMIONE THE SHITEATER, AND EVERYBODY IN HOGWARTS CALLS ME THAT TOO! RITA. I see. You're the best friend of ... the most wanted criminals Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, and you were captured in the battle for Hogwarts and found guilty of opposing our great Dark Lord. Am I right? HERMIONE. Yes, you are. RITA. But our merciful Lord let you stay in Hogwarts and imposed upon you some duties. Today we're going to speak a lot about them. Let's start our interview with some simple questions... For example, what are you wearing today, my girl? HERMIONE. You see it for yourself, Rita. RITA. Yes, but I want to hear it from you. So... HERMIONE. [Sigh]. Well... I'm wearing a black collar around my neck. RITA. Ah, the one with the message which says “Mud for mudblood”. Pretty thing. Is there something unusial in this collar? HERMIONE. Yes... [Sigh]. It was charmed by the Dark Lord and works like some kind of mind-control device. RITA. You mean... HERMIONE. I mean I can't disobey any orders given to me by the Dark Lord or by his followers! It's worse than Imperius... I can't disobey even if I think that death is better than submission! [Sob]. Oh Rita, you won't believe what they make me do for their pleasure... Could you help me, please? [Sob]. RITA. Sorry, but I'm here not to help you. I have my own work to do. Nothing personal, Hermione – well, maybe slightly personal. So, what else are you wearing? HERMIONE. T-t-tight white cotton panties... [Sob]. RITA. I see. What else? HERMIONE. N-nothing. I'm not allowed to wear anything else. RITA. And to be totally honest with our listeners, your panties ...