Date: 6/10/2017, Categories: Fiction, Discipline, Older, Reluctance, Group Sex, Wife / MILF, Author: bobbyblue53, Source: sexstories.com

    MY WIFE LOVES TO TEASE Hi my names Tom and my wife’s name is Amanda we have been married for 6 year’s, We both decided on not having any children as we both have very good jobs plus my wife always said that she never wanted to ruin her figure by having kids, So we decided that we would have the very best things in life together nice car’s a big house and plenty of holidays, My wife has always been a tease when around other men she has to work and socialize with them so it’s inevitable that she will get hit on by other men from time to time, As for myself I work in the city as a investment banker my wife work’s as a recruitment manager, another name for a head hunter for large corporations she loves to dress to impress and always look amazing she has a body to die for and leg’s that go on forever that’s why I married her she’s my very own trophy wife, Life has been great and the sex is amazing we like any other couple fantasize and bring a little role play into the bedroom to spice up our sex life including watching porn while in bed together and making love the way they do in the films so it will not surprise you that we are always looking for new ways to make our sex even more interesting, One night when Amanda came home from work she told me that while she was at a bar having a drink with the girls she noticed this guy was staring her out, she couldn’t see his face very well as he had on a base ball cap on, But she said it felt quite strange as she crossed her legs he sort ... of made a gesture to her as if she had to show him more so she crossed and uncrossed her legs several time each time making sure he was looking at her, She then said she could see him rubbing his hand between his legs as if he was trying to get of on her as she crossed her legs clearly showing more than she should have. I asked her why she felt the need to do it; she told me that it really turned her on knowing that another man found her so attractive and that he was masturbating while she was enjoying teasing him, I told her she needed to be careful teasing guys as some guys think it’s a sign that there might be more on offer he might even follow you and who knows what might happen you could get raped teasing like that? That night while we were in bed she asked me if I would consider taking photos of her and posting them on a web site to see what reaction we might get you know like posing in my underwear and wearing stocking and heels to show off my sexy legs what do you say lets give it a try I would love to know how many men would get off on seeing me near naked, Well what could I say I love my wife but clearly she has this idea of men wanting to relive themselves while looking at her photos and what harm could it do I thought, I will make sure her face is disguised when taking the photos so no one knows perhaps an eye mask the ones you have at parties, So the next few days we started to look on the web to find a suitable web site that you could post pictures so that men ...