1. After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 4

    Date: 6/11/2017, Categories: First Time, Taboo, Voyeur, Author: HankWilliams1956, Source: xHamster

    After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 4 After three months of going back and forth to the lawyer’s, and then waiting till the two lawyers did their thing, and then meeting with Sandy Ann’s lawyer and her, with my lawyer and myself, and listening to what Magee had to say in mostly my behalf, and very little in Sandy Ann’s behalf, a decision was made and signed by the judge, and it kept us from going to court, that may have caused a problem in someone else’s marriage had it gone to court, which would have been, Sandy Ann’s baby’s dad’s marriage to his wife and k**s. In part of the decision, I had to let Sandy Ann live in the house with Magee and me for at least three years, but she had to sl**p in the bedroom of my choosing which I chose the guest bedroom for her, so that Magee and I could keep sl**ping together, after the three years if Sandy Ann still wanted the divorce, I had to grant it without contesting it. During the three months Magee and I went out to supper every Friday evening, then a movie if one was playing some place that we wanted to see, then go out to the lake on the nights the moon would be out to give a reflection off the lake water, which usually ended up with us making out and having sex under the moon light, except for the following weekend after our first trip out to the lake, we went out and camped out there as soon as we both got home from work on Friday evening, then came home Sunday late afternoon, having sex all weekend long, in and out of the ... lake. Every Saturday evening during that three months Magee, and I, went to the club that had a live country band, which we would dance to all the slow dances, and some of the faster dances, but sit and watch the line dances, then go home and try to duplicate, what we saw during the line dances, except for the weekend we went camping, is the only time we didn’t go to the club. Right after we had camp set up that weekend after we made our first trip out to the lake, Magee showed me the results of the doctor’s findings, that she too was pregnant with our baby, which made the camping trip more fun it seemed to me, which lucky for us, it went unnoticed at the few hearings she had to attend to, before and during the final decision was made, since she wasn’t showing very much, unless she was nude about the third month in. When the day the decision was done Sandy Ann walked over to where Magee and I were at waiting for the elevator door to open for us to go down to the next floor, “Now do I get a key so that I can get in to the house?” then the elevator door opened. “We are going there now, and I do not have a spare key on me, but I do have some rules that I am aloud to have, and a form for you to sign, in regards to what is yours and what is mine, before I just hand you a key to the house.” as the three of us stepped into the elevator, and I pushed the button for the ground floor, that was one floor down. “I will follow you there then.” “Do you have your things that you took from the ...