1. A Satyr Finds A Nymph

    Date: 6/11/2017, Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Masturbation, Author: BrynhildrClarke, Source: xHamster

    A Satyr is walking along in the forest. He has heard that Nymphs inhabit this forest, but he doesn’t believe it and needs to see it with his own eyes. Nymphs have become so hard to find these days. He wanders almost aimlessly through the forest, still not expecting to find anything interesting, but he quite enjoys this forest anyway. After what seems like days of wandering, he hears some movement just to his left. He assumes it is just an a****l, a rodent perhaps, until he hears joyful laughter. Then he knows there is something else in this forest. Perhaps it is just the Fae, or his imagination, but he can’t help but investigate further. He follows the sound of the laughter to a clearing in the forest, noting that it seems to only be one creature laughing, not many like it would be if it were the Fae. He enters the clearing, almost hesitant that he has just walked straight into a trap, this has happened before when he has chased the Fae. As he ducks under the last tree branch and looks up, he is greeted by the sight of the most beautiful creature he has ever seen, laid on a tree branch on the other side of the forest. He is captivated by her beauty and could stand there just gazing upon her for the rest of time. She looks over at this newcomer to her patch of the forest, almost surprised to see someone else there, she is amazed by his beauty. She had heard stories of Satyrs in her youth, but had imagined them to b**sts and almost wasn’t sure if that was the creature she was ... seeing, but he did fit the description. She found herself fascinated by him. From the stories she had heard, she knew she was in danger, but this Satyr did not feel dangerous. Quite the opposite in fact. He felt safe. Safer than she had ever felt with her kin almost. Gradually he remembers that his legs can in fact move and decides to move closer to her, wanting to take in more of her beauty and perhaps do more with her. He does not know if she will simply flee once he moves in closer, so he decides to do so slowly, trying his best not to startle her. She finds it a little strange that someone would move towards her so slowly, but she doesn’t mind. It gives her all the more time to take in his beauty. He does his best to show her that he means her no harm, although of course she has already sensed this. If she believed him to be dangerous, she would have fled long ago. He moves ever closer to her, stopping every few steps. He finds that he can’t move more than a few steps at a time without having to stop to take in her beauty all over again. It takes him some time, but he now finds himself stood next to her. He wants to touch her, but he is scared that by doing so would taint her somehow. She is a descendant of angels, whereas he is a descendant of demons, after all. He slowly moves his hand towards her, he doesn’t know where to touch first. He settles his palm on her stomach, noticing that nothing bad has happened to her, if anything she seems to have gained more beauty with ...