1. A Middle Earth Odyssey - Chapter 3

    Date: 6/11/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Author: JessLuvzSara, Source: LushStories

    Chapter 3: Taking on the Orcs Mogash shoves Gorfuk away, cramming his own cock deep into Astriel's mouth. After a couple of minutes of choking her with his cock, he withdraws and orders Balzak to lift Astriel off the ground. Mogash catches her legs in the bends of his arms and shoves his huge cock inside her tiny hobbit pussy, causing her to scream out. Both orcs easily bounce her light body up and down on their big hard rods. Almost immediately, poor Astriel's body is flailing about, unable to resist the pleasure of having both holes pummeled hard and fast. She screams out in ecstasy, her body convulses. Gorfuk stands watch, stroking his orc cock. The head glistening with precum, some of it flinging through the air as he jerks himself. He growls at Balzak and shoves him. Balzak slides his cock out of the hobbit girl's ass. Using his own precum, Gorfuk rubs the head of his cock over and around her asshole, preparing her for his thicker meat. Astriel comes alive as the brute pushes the head of his rock hard cock inside her; he does not stop until he is completely inside her. Balzak pulls Starial from her chair and takes her place, pulling her down to her knees. He demands that she suck him. On her knees, Starial is quick to lick his balls and shaft. Yanina and I watch Starial give head to Balzak and watch Mogash and Gorfuk bounce the hobbit lass up and down on their merciless cocks.I look over at Kirien and Eria, snuggling and kissing each other. Astriel's holes are hammered ... hard for several minutes until she screams out again. Another orgasm shudders through her tiny body. The brutes continue to fuck her hard until she becomes limp. Gorfuk pulls out of her ass and Mogash lifts her off of his cock and drops her to the floor. Mogash lies on the floor and orders Astriel to mount his cock. She positions his cock at her pussy and Gorfuk forces her down hard onto his thick rod. She screams out and collapses onto Mogash's chest. "Blazak, take this wenches ass and fuck her hard," orders Mogash. He turns his gaze to Starial. "Suck Gorfuk's cock clean, bitch!" Gorfuk sits next to me and orders Starial to suck his cock. Starial drops to her knees and licks the precum from his head. I watch as Gorfuk's cock slowly disappears into her mouth. She sucks and raises her head, the cock reappearing inch by inch. Each time she lowers her face, his whole cock disappears and the reappears. Muttering orcish, Balzak positions himself behind Astriel, aims his cock and shoves it deep inside her. Her little holes are pounded for several minutes until Mogash decides to switch positions. Balzak lies on the floor and Astriel mounts him. Mogash spits on his cock head and aims it at her violated asshole. He eases his cock inside her, but struggles to get his thick orc rod inside her tiny ass. He grabs her hair and jerks. Her body arches as Mogash impales her poor little ass. Yanina watches Starial devour Gorfuk's cock. I see Eria and Kirien finger themselves on the divan. I ...