1. Conner

    Date: 6/11/2017, Categories: Gay, Mature, Author: DickLover59, Source: xHamster

    Once again, as Conner had been getting ready to leave, his mother, Cynthia, had stopped him so that she could say something to him. From her facial expression alone, he had a good idea what it was. &#034I know we've talked about this more than a few times already, Conner, but...I am your mother, and I'm CONCERNED that you spend SO MUCH TIME downstairs on-line! It's not good, sweetheart. You need to get away from that---damned---computer! It, it's come to dominate your life.&#034 His mother was right, this topic had come up more than once between them. &#034Don't worry what I do on-line, mom. Okay? I'm 19 years old, and I can do whatever I like. Okay? So, I know that you don't like me spending time on-line, but I DO! So, so just stop worrying! There is no problem. I'm fine!&#034 &#034But, honey,&#034 his mother said after a pause, and following Conner to the front door as he had begun to walk away, &#034I can't help but worry about you. I love you! You know that, right? And so I naturally get concerned about you.&#034 And before Conner could extricate himself, his mother added: &#034Why don't you have a girlfriend, Conner? Huh? I mean, you're a handsome young man! What about that one girl you knew? What was her name? Bethany? Wasn't that her name?&#034 &#034What about her?&#034 &#034She seemed nice. She seemed to like you quite a bit! She was pretty, too!&#034 &#034Mom?&#034 Conner said, feeling increasingly angry with his mother for her blatant interference at that moment. ... &#034Just DROP IT. Okay? Stay. Out. Of. MY. Business. PLEASE? None of this is any of your business.&#034 The hurt look on his mother's face told him he'd managed to get through to her; but in doing so, he'd hurt her feelings. He didn't want to do that, but---she sometimes wouldn't (or couldn't?) stop herself from meddling in his private life! Sometimes hurting her feelings was the only way to interrupt this, and so, as he could tell, he had accomplished this yet again. &#034I gotta go, mom! Bye!&#034 And he was out the door before she could start up again! He arrived at the somewhat up-scale high-rise apartment where Michael, the older gay man he'd first met on an on-line gay chat site resided. Michael had given the doorman Conner's name, so that he would be let in without any fuss. The doorman took up his clipboard and scanned down the page till he found what he was looking for, Conner's name, and he checked it off in the appropriate box marked ARRIVAL. The doorman obviously knew something of Michael's reputation for 'entertaining' men far younger than he, himself, was; and as he pressed the door lock button to admit Conner inside the building, he gave him a funny sort of smirking grin. &#034Have fun,&#034 he said; and Conner looked back, and also smiling, he said: &#034Oh, I intend to do just that.&#034 The ride up the elevator gave Conner time to think about who, and what, was waiting for him on the top floor; and as he thought about it, his cock stirred behind his slacks ...