1. DeAnn's Submissive Weekend ( Part Ten )

    Date: 6/11/2017, Categories: BDSM, Author: DeAnn1960, Source: LushStories

    Suzy escorted me downstairs via the elevator and into the home's lounge. As we entered the room I could see about a dozen round tables with white table cloths and seating for six at each table. There was a bar too, and Debbie was acting as the bartender while Becky waited tables. They were both still wearing maid uniforms, but tonight the uniforms were a bare breasts design. The high heels and the heavy eye makeup with the short black skirts, well, they were stunning. Very sexy! Suzy took her time leading me to Robert's table so I had a pretty good look around on the way. Right in the middle of the room was a low, circular stage with a brass pole. Wow, now that brings back memories. When I was younger I used to dance in places not too different than this room. Mark used to like to see me dance in some of the better topless places and I got pretty good at it too. So now I had an idea of what he meant about me performing tonight. We walked up to Robert and Mark's table and Suzy pointed at a chair next to Robert and said, "Sit." I sat down in the chair Suzy had pointed at, next to Robert. Suzy sat down between Mark and Robert and leaned over and laid her head affectionately on Mark's shoulder. I saw Robert look at Suzy then he looked at me and I quickly took his arm and laid my head on his shoulder too. I looked up at him and he smiled at me and said, "Tonight we have all the voting members of our BDSM family present. Our group consists of ten members, now, including Mark. All ... are dominant males. We have twelve submissive females in our family and tonight you will be voted on. The men present will decide if you are acceptable to be admitted into our elite society. If you get a pass, you will become female number thirteen." I looked around the room and saw that the men were looking me over but the females just looked content and not particularly interested in me. I asked Robert, "Do many women fail the vote here sir?" Robert looked at me and said, "It doesn't matter my pet. All that matters is that you don't. I'm sure Mark would be very disappointed if the vote goes against you." "Yes sir," I replied. Mark said, "I'm sure you'll do fine. You've never disappointed me, have you?" I looked at Mark and he winked at me as I said, "No sir." Dinner was served, and when we finished, Robert stood up and said, "Attention please. I would like to introduce DeAnn, Mark's wife. DeAnn desires to join our family here and for starts, she'd like to dance for you all." Robert took my hand and led me up and onto the circular stage saying, "Show them what you got baby." As I got onto the stage Robert sat back down and music started from the surround sound system. First song up was Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer. I knew Mark had picked that one because I had danced to that years ago at the Number Ten Saloon in Deadwood South Dakota during a biker rally and had gotten a round of applause from the crowd. I started out by swinging around the pole once with my left leg ...