1. Uncle Mike Returns Part 2

    Date: 6/11/2017, Categories: Fiction, BDSM, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Discipline, Group Sex, Teen, massage, Author: Wet_Jamiee, Source: sexstories.com

    After I had calmed down from the realization of having such a mind blowing orgasm, I stood from my bed and retreated the stairs very quietly. I got to the bottom three when I had a full view of the living room and couch. I peered around the banister, careful not to fall and peeked at the couch. I froze when I heard Uncle Mike grunt and moan. I knew something was happening! I watched in awe at the sight in front of me. I felt my lower walls clinching for another release, I pressed my thigh together tightly hoping for some pleasure. I just couldn't contain my arousal for what was happening. On the couch, my mom had Uncle Mike's pants unbuckled and pulled back and his ginormous cock was standing at full attention in her hand. It was a glorious sight. His dick was a light pink at the bottom but the head was a deep red and purple. At first I was confused because his face made it look like he was in pain but he kept moaning as mom steadily beat his wood. He looked up and I froze, he was staring right into my eyes, and I swear I saw a smile play on his lips. He pulled mom up from her sitting position and placed her in his lap. He pulled her pussy up to his face and he started licking as he stared at me. I reached my hand around and started fighting myself. Hoping he would show me more. I got my wish. He started finger fucking mom and teasing her puffy clit. He pulled back and smiled and winked at me. I felt my cheeks grow bright red. I knew I should run back to my room and hide away ... forever, but something in his gaze locked me in place. I reached up and pulled my shirt up over my 34 C breasts and started pulling the nipple. I moaned lightly at the cold air on the sensitive flesh, Uncle Mike groaned at the sight. He flipped mom back over and pulled her roughly down on the hard rod and he started fucking her. Right there in front of me. I felt my release building as I watched them and I felt a moqn rip from my chest and I immediately slamed my mouth shut, and tore for my room. I heard mom say 'shit' and then I heard some fumbling. But by then I was back in my room with my clothes back in check. I turned my light off and laid down under my covers and pretended to be asleep. I heard a light knock on the door but I stayed in my position, controlling my breathing. I heard my door open and peeked a bit. "Mickey?" I heard my mom whisper I remained silent. "Mickey are you awake?" "I told you she was asleep. That was my moan. Besides, she wouldn't be watching us have sex now would she? That's crazy. Not sweet little innocent Mickey." I almost blew my cover at Uncle Mike's words because I grinned at the fact that he did indeed know that I was watching them fuck. I did a little moan and told over, and in the process my night gown rode up a little bit over my black lace thongs and my comforter pulled back just enough for you to see them. I internet grinned in victory at the cough that Uncle Mike did to cover his groan. "Alright, I guess." And then they backed out of ...