Date: 6/11/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Author: blueheatt, Source: sexstories.com

    ___I’m a cheating wife…but …before you judge me, hear me out. __.I have a good provider husband. I thought he was like my daddy, but it turned out he was not at all. I was a dutiful good little wife. After our son was born, hubby John hurt is back and our sex life was for me to give him hand jobs only. Our son was grown and gone now and that was my life. Housewife, and even the hand jobs stopped. My son treated me like his dad and tried to treat me like a slave. I put a stop to that and he rejected me as a bad mom. My good times were fantasizing about my dad, and the wonderful way he treated me. As I became a teen we began to feel each other up and I got sexually aroused more and more. Daddy taught me how to masturbate and although it was relief, I wanted to have sex with my daddy. One day this just happened….. Mom was gone early that morning and I went in their bedroom to hug my daddy. I had on just a short nightie, and little panties. He had on just boxers. That morning I felt his boner pushing against my pussy. That feeling caused a sexual feeling that took my breath away and I held him tight to keep the feeling going. Our hands both started feeling our bodies. We rubbed ourselves together, his boner and my pussy. Soon our hands were feeling each others boner and my pussy. We wanted to have sex so bad right then. He stopped and said he needed to show me how to masturbate to relieve the feeling. As we stood there, he slipped his fingers into my wet panties and showed me ... how and where to rub my pussy. I played dumb as I had found this out already. I let him finger me and ask all kinds of dumb questions to keep him fingering me. Then I ask him how men masturbated. Again I played dumb as I had already jack off a few guys. Daddy wasn’t stupid. He knew I was hot for him, but put my hand in his boxers and had me stroke his big boner. We both knew this was exciting us. He then pulled his boxers down some to let his boner stick out. We started in masturbating each other. I watched his eyes close as he moaned with enjoyment. I loved the feel of his big warm and exciting boner as I stroked it. His fingers were really exciting me like no other boy had. He knew just where my good spots were and I then….had the best orgasm of my life. A wave of super good feelings ran through my body. I moaned out and held on to him tight. I jacked him as his boner got so hot and hard. He moaned, jerked his hips and shot many squirts of hot cum all over my pussy. It ran down over my slit and I shuddered with the thrill. We both almost went down with weak knees and moaning. That was our first glorious time. I still love to think about it. After that we did everything but fuck. He taught me about sucking boners and showed me about licking a pussy. He would lick my pussy so good, he could make me orgasm over and over. I would suck on him and let the hot cum go in my mouth, filling it and running out my lips. That always made me orgasm as he lick my pussy as he shot his cum. I ...