1. Sharing Cindy Chapter 18 "Cindy Entertains A Bachelor Party"

    Date: 6/11/2017, Categories: True Story, Female exhibitionist, Hardcore, Group Sex, Wife / MILF, Author: KMan8698, Source: sexstories.com

    Sharing Cindy Chapter 18 Stories about wife sharing and sex outside of marriage tend to polarize people. Some people are open minded enough to know that this happens and many people enjoy this type of lifestyle. Conversely there are some people who feel the need to read the entire story and then make negative comments either publically of privately about how disgusting this is. To those of you who fall into the first group, I am sure you are enjoying hearing about our personal adventures and want to thank you for your support. To those who fall into the latter group, I want to say I feel sorry for you. Not only because you are missing out on a lot of fun, but also your life must be so devoid of excitement that you find it necessary to make derogative comments. I can only wish you good luck on your quest to lose your virginity. ----------------------------------------- Cindy had been working with Cliff for a while and had managed to not only have sex with him over her desk, but also on several other occasions away from work. He was one of those guys who understood his good fortune in finding a sexy who enjoyed sex for no other reason than it is fun; a woman who doesn’t put any other constraints on your life. He also understood he was there to fill a need and never attempted to push their relationship further. One night Cindy came home from work and said she needed to talk to me about something. Of course whenever a woman says “We need to talk” alarm bells begin to go off and ... you begin to rethink everything you said in the past few days. Fortunately it was nothing bad. As we sat down to talk, she told me that Cliff had approached her with a proposal. It seemed that a friend of his was getting married and he was helping to set up the bachelor party. Of course my mind was racing as to all the naughty things that can happen at them. I asked her what he wanted from her. She told me that he was going to hire a stripper for the party, but wondered whether she would be interested in doing it. There it was. My heart began to pound thinking about my wife stripping for a group of horny guys. She went on to tell me that he was going to pay $500 for a stripper and it was hers if she wanted it. The party was going to be on the other side of town in the basement of the groom’s father. He said that he was hoping that she would do it as she was the hottest girl he knew and he was sure his buddy would love to see her nude. She asked if she could talk to me and get back to him. He said sure but to let him know soon so he could book someone else if she didn’t want to do it. I had a ton of questions….How many guys? What was she expected to do? What was she supposed to wear? Could she do it? Did it turn her on to think about stripping and turning all those guys on? Who was going to be there? And on and on. She seemed to have all the answers and then looked into my eyes and said “I think I want to do it.” It was settled. The party was in three weeks and over that time ...