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    CHAPTER 4 I was at work the following morning reviewing some bookkeeping for a small electronics firm when my phone rang. “Tim, Mr. Reinhardt wants to see you at two o’clock this afternoon. Be on time—he only has fifteen minutes.” “Okay, Cheryl—any idea what he wants?” “Sorry, I can’t say. Just be here on time. See you then.” She hung up as I wondered if Simon Alcott had said anything to our boss. I wasn’t worried. I had an MBA and had recently passed my CPA exams. I was sure I could find another job if necessary. I’d take my laptop with me—just in case. I was busy the rest of the day and I had barely remembered to check my watch. Shit! It was 1:58. I jumped up, grabbed my jacket in one hand and my laptop in the other, taking off at a trot to the elevator. Luckily I was able to get on just as someone was getting off. I rode up three floors, slipping into the jacket as I did. I exited with only thirty seconds to spare and stepped up to Robert Reinhardt’s secretary exactly ten seconds early. She used the intercom and told me to stand by the door. It opened a few seconds later. “Thanks for coming, Tim,” our CEO said. I was surprised to see a smile on his face. He shook my hand and led me into the office. We sat around a coffee table. There was a small couch and two upholstered arm chairs. “How do you like working for Ted?” He was speaking about my immediate superior—Ted Sumner. “I think he’s the best boss I’ve ever had. I love working for him. Everybody in the department ... feels the same way.” “It’s great that you’re so loyal. What do you think he has to say about you?” “I hope he’d say I was a hard worker, reliable and cooperative, a good team player, and a good leader for my group.” I had five junior accountants who reported to me. “Interesting…not the exact same words, but the exact same meaning; what I’m going to tell you now is for your ears only and I’m telling you this only because Ted has given his permission.” I was concerned. What on earth was he going to tell me…and why? “Ted has submitted his resignation effective at four o’clock this afternoon. He’s sick, Tim…stage III lung cancer. It doesn’t look good for him. The reason you’re here is very simple. He’s recommended you as his replacement and I agree. Have you given any thought to getting your CPA?” I smiled although it was incredibly hard. Ted Sumner had been a friend and mentor since I had joined the firm. He was closer to me than my own father. “Yes, sir—Ted suggested I study for it almost a year ago. I took the exam back in March and learned last week that I had passed.” “Congratulations…that’s wonderful—the only good news I’ve heard all day. What are you making now?” “Eighty-eight, sir.” “Well, that’s three things we’ll have to change. You’ll have a new title—Vice President for Accounting and Audits. You’ll have a salary of $130,000 and, as management, you’ll be eligible for a year-end bonus, and, obviously, you’ll need new business cards. Oh yeah, stop calling me ‘sir.’ ...