1. Emily's Seduction (part one)

    Date: 6/12/2017, Categories: Taboo, Author: Green_Man, Source: LushStories

    It was the summer of the year. My marriage to Erica took place right at end of the school year. Now we were living together in my home. It was just Erica and me, and her daughter Emily. I'm Richard. No one had ever called me Dick. It may be because I'm rather formal in my personality. We met when Erica came to work at the university. I was a professor of English, and Erica was a new instructor. She divorced her husband some years earlier. Then she went back to school and finished her degrees in English. She was rather old to be starting out as an instructor, but she loved the work. She was thirty-eight years old. She married while still in college, because she was pregnant. Her daughter, Emily, was born and Erica didn't finish her education at that time. She became a mother and housewife. When she broke up after ten years she decided to complete college, and finished her BA, MA, and PhD in just six years. We fell in love after one semester and decided to marry. I barely met her daughter, who turned sixteen at the beginning of her school year, just as Erica was beginning her new career. Emily was at a private school that her father's family was paying for. In any case, our marriage happened at the end of our winter semester. Emily was out of school, and we moved in together. I had a large house just off campus. I was fifty years old. Since I was a full professor I didn't have any courses to lecture during the summer. Erica, on the other hand, was instructing three courses, and ... was gone most of each day. She was either teaching, or advising, or holding office hours. I was at home, doing my preparations for the coming fall semester, and my own writing. Emily was there at home most of the time. My backyard had a privacy fence. She was working on her tan quite a bit, or else she was in her room, playing her music. She also had her own television, so she could entertain herself with that. She seemed to be a rather quiet girl, and Erica told me she was devoted to her father. She missed him. I married Erica because I loved her. But I also desired her. She was a lovely woman. I never married before, and was rather naive with women. But she was so easy to get to know. In fact, she was the first to make a sexual move, during one of our early dates together. Making love to her was wonderful. She taught me some things, and I was grateful for that. Our marriage was going to be a success. Now I needed to make friends with her daughter. It would be so awkward if Emily and I couldn't get along. She took after her mother. She was a pretty girl. She would turn seventeen at the end of the summer. Her hair was brown, usually in braids, and she was tall for a girl. She was almost as tall as me. She didn't appear to have any of the shyness that some girls had. She was rather forthright, as a matter of fact. I noticed how desirable she was, as she sunbathed in her bikini. The patio was right outside my library. I had some french doors that opened to the outside. Looking ...