1. Slave for a Day 3

    Date: 6/12/2017, Categories: Fiction, Incest, Group Sex, Author: Impax, Source: sexstories.com

    The doorbell rang, and Jen answered it, wearing her bathrobe. Tara turned to wave goodbye to her parents, but they were already driving away, and didn't even see the gesture. Tara's face fell a little at having been so quickly dismissed, but she brightened quickly when she turned to see her friend in the doorway, smiling back at her. “Is everything okay at home?” Jen asked her friend, once all the pleasantries had been exchanged. “Mostly okay, why do you ask?” Tara replied. They went into the living room and sat on the couch, facing each other to talk. “Just the look you had on your face when they drove off. IS everything okay? You can tell me if you want. I'll listen.” “Ah, it's just the same old stuff, they won't let me grow up!” she gushed out. “I want to go to an all night party after the Prom, and they won't let me. My father told me that I was a slut, just like my mother, and I'm not old enough to do any of that yet. Can you believe he said that to me? Right in front of Mom, too, and she didn't do ANYTHING about it.” “Are they right?” Jen asked. “Would you let some guy do all the nasty things to you?” “Hell yeah I would!” Tara laughed. “You would too, Jen, don't deny it!” “I won't even try to deny it.” Jen smiled. “Hell yeah, I would slut it up more than you ever dreamed to dare, girl! “As if!” Tara laughed. “You, a bigger slut than me? That'll be the day!” “I already am.” Jen said smugly. “I've given half a dozen blow jobs already. I don't even have my cherry anymore!” ... “Liar!” Tara exclaimed, giggling. “That is such an easy lie to prove, and you know it. Should I go get a carrot?” “Get it.” Jen said confidently. She opened her robe, and she was naked under it. “I'll take the whole thing, no problem.” “I don't believe you.” Tara whispered. “Who was it?” “That part is a secret.” Jen told her. “All the rest of it's true, tho. I even swallow. Every time.” “You are such a LIAR!” Tara laughed, her eyes growing wide. “Shut up!” “It's true.” Jen smiled. “I told you I'm a bigger slut.” “I don't care if you have done it already; I'm a bigger slut than you are!” Tara said. “Just give me a chance to prove it, and I'll do everything you did, and more!” “I'll give you the chance to prove it.” Mark said, stepping into the room with them. “Come on upstairs with me, and I'll let you prove it right now.” “Wait, what? Mark?” Tara said, startled. He came into the room and took Tara by the hand, pulling her to her feet. She was utterly startled to the core and followed him dazedly as he led her across the room. “Wait, where are we going?” she asked, balking at the foot of the stairs. “Are you a slut?” he asked her. “You said you wanted a chance to prove you're a bigger slut than my sister. She told me everything she did, and I want to see if you'll really do everything she did, plus more.” He grinned lewdly at her. “I must admit I'm looking forward to the “more” part of it. Yum!” “No, wait, I didn't mean...” she stammered. “Right now?” “Unless you want to tell ...