1. Male Sex Organ

    Date: 6/12/2017, Categories: Anal, Fetish, Gay, Author: uniquenewyork, Source: xHamster

    You are fascinated by the male sex organ. All the amazing components that make up the male anatomy. In this case, the specimen before you is me. I let you lay me down on my back naked so you can examine my manly parts up close and personal. I have not had an orgasm in a full week knowing you were going to have this opportunity with me today. My prostate gland is deep inside me. My anus looks like a rosebud and is the opening of my asshole. My perineum is my cock's root, the area just between my asshole and testicles. My scrotum is the hanging sack which contains both my balls. My cock is comprised of the base, the shaft, the underbelly, the penis head, and finally the pee slit. My manhood has so many components for you to explore and fondle. What you like is that you get to see my man parts react to what you do to me. You see things move and grow due to your actions, which makes you feel in control of me. You love that you can do things to me that give me such intense pleasure. And the things you do to me excite you equally. You totally get off on getting me off. You stick your finger in your mouth, and then you use it to tickle and probe my anus. You like the way I taste so you continue to moisten that finger in your mouth. You see my meaty balls undulating in my nut sack as you insert your finger inside my asshole. You pay attention to my penis as you finger fuck me and notice it moving a little. You find my prostate with your fingertip, and you massage it. With your ... other hand you lift my warm soft balls and you play with them. You see my member moving more and growing. My dick head pulses and my cock is filling with bl**d. You can't stop yourself from getting closer to my cock and balls so you can smell them. My erotic musky scent drives you mad, you just have to taste me. You've already tasted my asshole with your finger, but you want to taste my balls and cock. So in that order you lick and taste me. You suck balls balls in your mouth one by one. Then you manage to take my entire scrotum in your mouth. You love this feeling of &#034having a man by his balls&#034 in your warm wanton mouth. You get to watch my cock become erect right in front of your eyes while you suck on and bathe my balls. You need to taste my cock next so as you continue to finger fuck and massage my prostate, you see a huge clear drop of precum at the tip of my cock head's slit. You lick and taste and swallow my precum. Then you plant little loving kisses all over my cock head, and continue pecking me with kisses all up and down my now throbbing erection. You see my balls moving around in my sack as you suck on my cock. So sexy how seemingly all on their own, your oral stimulation is making my balls react like this. Sperm production is happening as my balls lift up and fall down in my sexy soft sack. You are making me writhe around on the bed and I am moaning guttural sounds as I approach orgasm. You are experiencing me in all my glory, finger in my hot asshole, hands ...