1. In The Beginning Chapters 5,6 & 7

    Date: 6/12/2017, Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Teen, Author: davebccanada, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 5 Basic Training Mike wakes to a ruckus in the hall outside his door. He glances at his watch over Jackie's shoulder. Its only six thirty and Jackie is starting to stir. He pulls her closer and whispers, "Some characters raising cain in the hall. Go back to sleep, love." She stretches and murmurs, "Is that for me?" Her hand strokes his piss hard on. He figures it might as well be as long as she is stroking it. Its for sure he won't be able to piss out of it now. He pulls her long leg up over his hip and transfers his weight to his elbow so he can gently force her back and roll between her thighs. He stretches his back muscles and smoothly slides into her. He sighs, "Oh yeah, that feels so good." She raises her arse in a rhythm to accommodate his moves pushing back for every thrust he makes. Languidly they roll around the bunk with each other when the door bursts open. It's the MS from last night. "Damn, I didn't mean for you all to bunk up with each other. Why couldn't you take one floor for each sex or something like that. Up and at them now and I do mean now!" He slams the door behind him. Mike grumbles, "I guess he means us." Jackie giggles, "Do you think?" They roll out of bed and start to pull luggage apart looking for fresh clothes. After that its a mad dash to the bathroom for a fresh shower, shampoo, shave, shit and shine. Within half an hour they are tumbling out the doors of the barracks. Mike looks the crew over as they gather and counts twenty five ... members. He is surprised that the women outnumber the men by such a wide margin. There is fifteen women and ten men. Its a result of recent advertising to recruit females into the service. Mike doesn't realize that four women got on in Quebec City and that their linguistic make up is forty percent Francophone or at least bi-lingual. Their course is going to present many challenges for the training staff. By day one thirteen more trainees will join them and after that two more late additions making a class of forty. The MS calls for their attention. "It's Friday so HQ has decided to leave you in this barrack for the weekend. Males on floor one and ladies upstairs. There will likely be a few others join us on the weekend." He looks at Mike, "Did I see you counting heads? How many do we have." "Master Seaman, it looks like twenty five total of which fifteen are female." "That's great. What's your name, Seaman?" "Ordinary Seaman Mike Claymore." "Its Able Seaman for the weekend. I need some one to look after this rabble until Monday. Behave yourself and you'll get to keep that stripe. Listen up, people. Able Seaman Claymore here is who you go to with your problems for the weekend." He nods to Mike, "Its Mike, isn't it. I want to see you after we are done here." He goes on to explain what they can and can't do around the base and what facilities there are for their use. When fielding questions he makes it clear that no one leaves the base on the weekend. When he is finished he dismisses ...