1. Cuckold Girl friend makes me watch

    Date: 6/12/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Voyeur, Author: sbc4cuckold, Source: xHamster

    As I watched Mary kiss Lee. I can see her peek over me. She was looking at me as Lee sucked on her neck and down to her huge tits. It turned me on knowing she was enjoying this. By her looking at me moaning with lust in her eyes. She wanted me to know how much she did. I could see her grabbing his huge cock with both hands. Jerking it and lathering it up with soap. Lee's hands and mouth was all over her. Mary turned her body around to Lee's huge cock could rub and grind on her fat juicy ass. He was loving it. Watching his cock grinding on her ass was a sight to see. Mary was giving me a show and she loved it. It turned me on so much as she watched me, watching her being filled up.. Lee whispered into Mary's ear. She and smiled gave him a long passionate kiss. She proceeded to step out the shower with her one hand holding his cock. She looked at me and said get us some ice . It was as if I was there to serve them. Never letting his cock go. They walked past me as Lee smacked Mary's ass. Watching it shake and wiggle as she walked closely ahead. As I returned with the ice. I could hear Lee talking dirty to Mary. Telling her how this was his pussy now and how he wanted her when ever and were ever he wanted her. As I looked in to hear her response. She was on her knees with both hands on his cock. Stroking and sucking his hard cock. Lee pulled her head away and said did you hear me. He said when I ask who's pussy this is you say yours daddy. He stuck his cock back in her mouth. ... Then he pulled it out. He teased her with his cock putting it in and taking it out. By this time Mary could see me and it was like she was in a trance with this huge cock in her face. He asked her again who's pussy is this. She looked at me one last time and said yours daddy. As she took his cock back in his mouth. She returned the dirty talk. By telling Lee how good daddy's dick tasted and how it was his. A part of me was hurt. Knowing this is what I wanted. Not for it to go this far, but I asked for it. Mary sucked Lee's cock for at least 20 minutes straight. She wanted hi to know she worshiped his cock and that she was now his. She motion for me to come over. She reached for the ice which was now melting. She reached in grabbed a hand full and rubbed it on Lee's cock. He jumped then she formed a pump with her hand. Stroking Lee's cock with the ice. As she sucked on his huge mushroom head. All he could do was lean his head back. As she sucked his dick like it tasted like strawberries. She sucked and pulled as I heard her moan loving the pleasure she was giving him. By now my cock is in my hand jerking off. I was so turned on was ready to shoot off. Lee then grabbed her head and said come ride daddy's dick. Lee put his head back on the bead as Mary stroked his cock with more ice. She looked at me as to come closer. She gave me the ice as she climbed up and over this huge cock. When she got it in. She let out a load oh my god. She leaned over to kiss Lee. As she did this her ...