1. Unexpected adventures with a stranger - part 2

    Date: 6/12/2017, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: redhead89, Source: LushStories

    On a night out with friends, I meet a handsome stranger. Having wound up at his place, the good part of the evening is just about to start. As we get there, I'm already dripping wet. To read about how I got there, read part 1 of this story. He slowly lays me down on the bed, crawling on top of me. I can feel my body begging for a release, but it seems like that’s not going to happen just yet. He pins my hands above my head, and kisses me deeply. He’s grinding me slowly and I feel my legs spread willingly, as though a higher force has taken over my body. The touch of his skin on mine, his strong arms holding me down, the masculine smell of his body, the pressure between my legs... I feel completely overwhelmed. He stops kissing me for a second and I catch my breath. The bulge in his pants still pressing against me, he reaches for something above me. He is now pinning my arms above me with one hand, and with the other he slowly strokes my skin, starting in my neck, slowly moving down to my breast. With an incredibly light touch, he teases my nipple. I tremble. His face still close to me, he looks me in the eye. “Do you trust me?” he asks softly. My brain is too overwhelmed to comprehend the question and I simply nod. “Good.” He smiles. He reaches above my head again and I feel cold metal on my wrists. It makes me shiver. A second later, both my hands are securely attached to his bed. I feel a light sense of shock; I’ve never been in this position before. But he is already ... kissing my neck, making me forget any concerns I had. He quickly removes the last of his clothing, and now it’s my turn to take in the view. It’s the most perfectly muscular body I have ever seen in my life. My eyes wander down and I take a good look at his cock. As I had already felt through his jeans, it is indeed huge. Bigger than I’ve ever taken before. It’s standing straight up, and I see a drop of pre-cum coming out of the tip. I’m wriggling on the bed now, desperately wanting to feel him inside me. He leans over and slowly strips me of my red lace panties, throwing them in the corner of the room. He spreads my legs, moving in between them. His cock briefly brushes against me, and I moan loudly. He smiles devilishly again, clearly enjoying the power he holds over me. And power he has; I would do anything to come right now. But I’m locked to the bed, arms and legs spread, defenseless against his teasing. He leans over and takes my left nipple into his mouth, while he pinches my right nipple. An even louder moan escapes my mouth. I can hardly breath and involuntarily move my hips up, trying to feel his cock against me again. He sucks hard, then lightly bites my nipple. Moving over, his tongue flicks my right nipple, while my left boob is getting groped. I’m nearly coming, and he hasn’t even touched my clit yet. As though he can hear me think it, he starts kissing my stomach, slowly moving downwards. Working his way around my pussy, he kisses the very lowest part of my stomach, ...