Date: 6/12/2017, Categories: Anal, Gay, Hardcore, Author: 1993Anus4Grandpa, Source: xHamster

    I was 23 years old, this story happened in June of 2016. After many years of me having sex with old grandpas and grandmas, almost everyone in the village knew that I liked old cock and old pussy. Sometimes grandpas and grandmas would just come up to me and ask me for sex and then I just would have sex with them, it was just that easy. I had nothing to hide, I was open to all of the old people in my village. Old men at the bar would always talk about my ass, I could just walk into the bar and I could instantly find a sex partner. There is almost no young people in these villages, there is only a few young people here, only old people live in these villages and that's why I moved here. When they see young meat they're all over it just like a pack of hungry wolves, everyone wants to stick their dick into your ass. Around 9 pm I heard a knock on my door, I opened the door and saw an old man. He was around my height, average built, he had reddish tan skin color probably from working out in the field all day long, he had blue eyes, short white hair. He had a very nice looking face with many wrinkles on it. He had powerful veiny hands just like all the other farmers, they do all their work with their hands and that's why they're so big and strong. He had a 3 day old beard which was very rough and scratchy. He used a stick to help him walk, he seemed to have problems with his back, decades of hard work will ruin your back. The grandma wore black pants, black sweater, and a black ... jacket. He actually had hairs on his hands and neck, his arms seemed really hairy but the sweater covered them. I told him to come in and asked him what he needed, he asked me for a big glass of water, I gave him 2 glasses and he drank all of them. He said ahhhh as he drank them, it sounds like he's fucking someone. He then said that he wanted to ask me a question and didn't want to be rude, he just wanted to know the truth, he said that he's not trying to offends me. He asked me do I suck old cock, I said yes. He then asked me will I suck his dirty old sweaty dick, I said yes. He said that he knows that I like unwashed old cock and that he never washes his, he said that he has a huge cock for my ass. I asked him how old is he and he said that he's 74, I told him that I'm 23. The grandpa smelled like sweat, rotten cheese, and onions. I told him to follow me to my room, he held his hand on my ass as he followed me to my room. He told me that his dick is ready to explode inside my asshole. I took off my clothes immediately and then the grandpa took his off. The back of his body was not hairy but the front of his body was very hairy, he was completely covered in white and black hairs, he had a very large and full pubic bush, his body was very wrinkled. He had a very nice cock, it was around 10 inches, with thick white and black hairs all over it, he had gigantic orange sized bull balls, they were covered in white hairs. His cock had an enormous squishy and soft mushroom head and the ...