1. Zora

    Date: 6/12/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Taboo, Author: Dnthmn19, Source: xHamster

    [user][/user]I want to tell you a nice sexy story. I’m sitting at the keyboard wearing my favorite and most comfortable clothing: just a sweatshirt. There will be no restriction if my cock decides to get hard. I’ve opened the window just a little bit so the cold air will drift through the room and make my bare legs feel chilly, reminding me of my partial nudity. I used to live in Toronto, where this happened. I won’t bother telling you how I met her, or how she ended up in my temporary apartment. We’ll just say that it was very late on a Friday night, it was very hot, and she really shouldn’t have been there. Neither of us could sl**p; the bedroom had two single beds, I was on one wearing a pair of gym shorts and she was in the other wearing her panties and a soft shirt I had lent her. It was too hot to sl**p. All I could think about was wondering what she had under those insignificant bits of clothing. She got out of bed and walked to the living room for a cigarette and I followed, hoping my hard on wasn’t too apparent, saying I would join her for a smoke. I sat beside her on the couch in the dark. She said it was too hot to sl**p. I said, well, there’s nothing on TV so maybe we ought to make love.” She thought about that for a moment. “Do you think that’s a good idea, since you’re my boss?” I let a moment go by and said “Yes, I think it’s a good idea.” She leaned her head on the back of the couch and tilted it toward me, waiting to see if I would kiss her. I kissed her, ... and caressed her arm lightly, passing my hand down to her thigh. Returning my kiss, she slid her hand onto the top of my shorts. I wasn’t trying to hide my hard on anymore; I was now proud of it. As soon as she felt my length and thickness she said “I’ll be right back” and walked into the bathroom. I returned to my bed, removed my shorts and waited under the single sheet. Now, if she came to my bed, there would be no mistake, no turning back. I heard the toilet flush, the bedroom door close and then she was in my arms. This was very early in my sexual career and I wanted to make the most possible of the situation. I caressed her breasts and licked her nipples. They were not large but pretty, with well defined aureoles. I ran my hands the length of her legs and it was at that moment that I became devoted to the beauty of a woman’s legs. In the dim light coming through the window from the city I could see the pale outline of the muscles of her thigh, the narrowness of her ankle, the plumpness in between. In the dark, I savored her legs with every other sense I had: as I caressed her legs with my cheeks and kissed her knees, I could smell the faint salty, a****l smell of her sweat. Licking her thigh, I could smell the funk of her vagina, which was dripping freely with sexual moisture. Crushing my face into her bristly trimmed but not shaved bush, rubbing her hair with my cheeks, there was a faint odor of lingering urine from her trip to the bathroom. Licking the outer edges of her ...