1. Amy's Aruban Encore

    Date: 6/13/2017, Categories: Anal, Author: EricandAmy, Source: LushStories

    Amy got up from her lounge chair at the hotel pool and slipped into the water to cool off. She was nicely browned from her pre-vacation tanning and had darkened quickly in the Aruban sun. Her white string bikini highlighted her firm body beautifully as she eased her way back up the pool steps and she gave Eric a long devilish look as she toweled herself off. It was mid-day and the sun was warm on her skin, but a few goose bumps rose in the gentle breeze. "I've got a massage scheduled," Amy said. "How about I meet you back at the room in an hour?" "Sure." Eric replied, "I'll see you up there." Amy arrived at the spa and was led to a room to wait for her masseuse. Soon, he arrived and began her massage. Amy always felt a little uncomfortable with a male masseuse because there often seemed to be a little bit of a boundary issue, but today she felt exceptionally relaxed and horny, so she didn't object. Over the course of the hour long session, he worked every inch of her body except for that last little bit that would actually make contact with her nipples or slit. He thoroughly worked each muscle group in addition to her ass and breasts. The limits of sexual touching were definitely breeched, but Amy didn't care as she viewed it as foreplay for what was to come later back in the room. Amy tipped the masseuse well and strolled back to the room, totally relaxed from her massage. When she arrived, she discovered Eric just getting out of the shower after rinsing himself off of the ... beach sand. "Perfect timing," Amy said as she walked up and hugged him from behind, before loosening the towel from his waist. Eric turned around and watched her pull the tie of her string bikini to free her gorgeous breasts, before pressing herself against him. He reached down and untied the string on one side of her bottoms before letting them drop to the floor. "How was the massage?" he asked. "Perfect," Amy replied. "It was relaxing and stimulating. Feeling another man's hands on me like that made me very aroused." "I like you aroused," Eric said with a smile. "I could use a shower too," Amy said, "Want to wash me?" There was no need for an answer as Eric took her hand and led her back into the large clear glass enclosure for a thorough cleaning. This was the final day of their Aruban adventure and tomorrow they would be leaving. On their first morning of the trip, Amy had come to Eric at dawn in this same shower and quietly given herself to him to fulfill their fantasy of him taking her anal virginity. Now, two days later, she was ready to build on what she had learned that morning by delivering an encore performance before they left paradise. As they stepped into the water, they each soaped the others body until they were quite slippery. Eric stroked up and down on Amy's throat while clutching her from behind, as his other hand rode up and down her groin with his middle finger riding back and forth in her little slit. The water, the massage, the mood... she couldn't be ...