1. The Teacher is taught

    Date: 6/13/2017, Categories: Spanking, Author: SusanHarper, Source: LushStories

    Amanda walked up the pathway.The house looked normal enough, which she supposed shouldn’t have surprised her as it was like all the others in the road. She was thirty-three-years-old and was pensive as she rang the doorbell. She smiled as the door opened and she looked at a woman probably twenty years older than herself. Maternal looking and friendly, dressed in an off-white t-shirt and blue skirt with the hem just above her knee. “Come in,” the lady said standing back. “I’m Elaine,” she added. “Oh, hi,” Amanda said self-consciously. “I’m erm, Sharon.” Her real name was Amanda but she wasn’t using her real name today. Not here anyway. “Hullo, Sharon,” the nice lady replied. “Follow me please,” she added. Amanda followed Elaine upstairs and when she opened one of the doors walked through. “Miss Emily will be with you soon.” She nodded, still not completely sure she was doing the right thing. However, she wondered what ‘Miss’ would look like. The door closed and Amanda looked around the room. She smiled to herself as she saw what was there. The blackboard on its easel with three pieces of chalk on the tray together with the brush to clean off whatever was on the board. She looked surprised to see written at the top of the blackboard the single word, ‘Detention.’ The sight of the word forced her to unconsciously catch her breath. Amanda looked around the room and saw the selection of paddles hanging on strings from hooks on the wall. There were also leather straps, tawses, ... floggers, and wooden paddles. On the floor were two baskets and protruding from the top of each were a selection of canes; some with straight handles and others with hooked handles. Amanda bit her lip at the selection and wondered which ones might be used on her; would be used, of course, she told herself, as she had already described how she wanted a bare bottom spanking, a paddling, and the cane. There was a school desk as well and two high backed armless wooden chairs. Would she be sitting on one of them or would Miss Emily sit on them with her across her lap. It was the latter she supposed. Amanda was now happier with what she saw. It was what had been promised when the emails were exchanged. Amanda had been given a short history of the establishment. It was a house owned by a wealthy businessman who was into sado-masochism. He had a Madame, who was Elaine, she knew. When he died he left the house to Elaine together with a stipend for thirty years to pay for the upkeep of the house. In return Elaine agreed to look after the house and let anyone who wanted to use it for their mutual pleasure; so long as sado-masochism was involved. It meant a safe environment for those who wanted it. Amanda had been interested in the thought of physical submission for as long as she could remember. She had never experienced it though. Even her Mum never spanked her. Yet the fantasy grew in her mind. She was on various social sites and it was when on Chinwag that she made the connection. She had ...