1. Ms.Gregory Blackmail

    Date: 6/13/2017, Categories: Fiction, Blackmail, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Domination / Submission, Hardcore, Teen, Author: beeg632, Source: sexstories.com

    At a relaxed pace I followed Tianna Gregory making her way through the parking lot to her signing. I had made sure the stunning woman behind the steering wheel hadn’t noticed me as I maneuvered behind her through the busy LA afternoon traffic, never letting her get out of sight, but always keeping a couple of vehicles between us to help me to keep from being spotted. I rolled into the next free parking box and watched with a smile as the curvaceous girl stopped her car, gathered a couple of things from the passenger seat and then stepped out into the warm afternoon air, a bottle with some red smoothie and her purse in hand. I licked my lips as tianna turned her back towards me to slam the door shut, unknowingly presenting her tight ass to me, that striped black and white dress hugged around her amazing figure. Her beautiful hair was done up in a bun As she locked her car I quickly took the prepared envelope out of my glove box and jumped out of my car, not even bothering to lock it. There was nothing personal inside and anyone who wanted to steal the old piece of crap would actually do me a favor… so why waste time. I saw that she was already halfway to the entrance door of the building, so I picked up my pace and ran up to her. “Ms. Gregory!” She didn’t stop, yet she slowed down a little and glanced back over her shoulder. She smiled at me, a studied smile she didn’t actually mean, that every celebrity has for fans that invade their privacy for an autograph. She had no ... reason to believe I was someone else. “Good afternoon,” she said as I caught up to her, the wide, fake yet beautiful smile on her face, “What can I do for you?” “Tianna, I just wanted to say that I am a big fan of you!” Not even a lie… how could you not be a fan of an ass like that? “Thank you very much,” she smiled, seeming actually truly happy to hear the praise, yet she looked at me slightly impatient since I hadn’t answered her question. She wanted to get this autograph or photo done so she could get inside. “I just wanted to give you this…” I said excitedly as I offered the envelope to her. My hands were slightly shaking and sweaty. I was really nervous. She gave me another wide smile as she took the envelope. “I’ll read it later.” She said and made a move to put it in her purse as I stopped her. “No, please, Tianna, you gotta open it now!” I demanded. For a split-second her brow furrowed, but then she slightly sighed and the smile was back as she looked at me, considering. Then she opened the envelope and pulled out the content. I closely watched her reaction as she saw that it wasn’t a cheesy fan letter but only a single photo. “Oh my god,” she gasped and I saw her eyes go wide behind her sunglasses as she recognized the picture. “Who the fuck are you?” she growled angry at me while she crumbled the picture in her hand. I smiled widely. Too late to turn back now… “I’m just a guy with a camera…” “You have to keep this private!” she spat furiously. “I did,” I answered calmly, ...