1. Mom Fulfills Son's Desires: Part 5

    Date: 6/13/2017, Categories: Mature, Taboo, Author: jacobjancsurak, Source: xHamster

    Mom Fulfills Son's Desires: Part 5 Their touching and feeling and finally fucking in the kitchen had started Tim's motor running and he was ready to take his mother to bed. He knew this was going to be the night when he got his way. He could tell by her actions that Jill was also ready for the final act in their little game. Tim caressed Jill's ass as they went up the stairs to their rooms to change into something more comfortable and, he hoped, more sexy. As Tim picked out just the shorts of his boxer style PJ's in his room, Jill was standing naked in front of her closet looking over her nighties. When the doorbell rang and someone opened the door to the kitchen. Jill looked at the clock in surprise…it was almost nine-thirty who would be stopping by at this time of night? &#034Hello, Jill…are you home? Hello?&#034 Jill recognized Cindy Harris, next to Carrie Cindy was her closest friend. &#034Oh no,&#034 she thought. &#034What could she want now?&#034 &#034Be right down, Cindy. Have a seat.&#034 Damn, Jill thought. Damn, damn, damn. I'll have to get rid of her. There was a light tap on her door. She hurried over and pulled it open. Tim stared at his mother's nipples- rigid from the cool air rushing over them- then trailed his eyes to the tuft of hair on her Venus mound. Stepping inside he dropped to his knees and reaching out grabbed the cheeks of her ass drawing her forward. Before Jill was quite aware of what was happening he had driven his wet tongue between the lips ... of her pussy and licked upward across the still sensitive tip of her clitoris. She gasped in surprise and pleasure. Before she could stop him he had pumped his tongue in and out of her moistening lips half a dozen times. Jill groaned. She was instantly as hot as she had been earlier. &#034Tim, no, please, no. I have to get dressed. Have to go down stairs. She'll think it's funny if I don't go down or tell her to come up.&#034 &#034Tell her to call for a pizza, we were going to have one anyway. It'll keep her busy,&#034 Tim said. If she has her way she'll talk all night. I want to go to your bed early. &#034I said you could decide what you wanted to do to me…I would decide when.&#034 &#034Tell her. It's important,&#034 he insisted. Jill called down to Cindy and convinced her to call for the pizza while Jill got ready. &#034Okay what was so important?&#034 Tim dropped his PJ bottoms. His rigid cock stood purpled headed between them. He pulled her toward the bed. &#034Lay down a minute, please.&#034 Jill was reluctant, but she did as he asked. He probably wants to suck me until I cum she thought. Well, that shouldn't take long. Her pussy was still itching for cock after their quickie afternoon session. Wanting to get her hands wrapped around his massive cock helped convince her it would only take a minute for both of them to cum. She spread out and made room for him on the bed. As she expected he knelt between her legs and began kissing her quivering stomach. Wet lips and a wet ...