1. Cuckold hubby and father

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    Greg had pestered his wife to let a big black cock ravage her while he watched. Ellen Davis watched the screen on her computer, the young girl squealed in pure ecstasy as the thick long black cock slid into her receptive cunt. The black man began to pound her mercilessly as she squealed even louder, his thumb was in her ass hole as he fucked her giving her double the pleasure, Ellen opened her eyes wide as he pulled out of her cunt and put it in her ass bit by bit until the whole shaft was inside. Ellen's hand slid down to her wet pussy and rubbed her clit, could she do it, her husband Greg had been on at her for weeks to do it, having never been with a black man before she wondered were all their cocks that big. Greg wasn't exactly what you would call blessed in the cock department, it was adequate, that was all. She and Greg had been married sixteen years, she had become pregnant when she was s*******n but Greg had stood by her and they got married. Laura was sixteen and their other daughter Ellie was fifteen, both beautiful well developed girls. Ellen was cumming, watching the movie had turned her on and cum was flowing onto the chair as she fingered herself even more. The thought was still with her, would she have the nerve to go through with it, Greg had wanted to see a black man ravage his wife while he watched, said it would spice up their sex life, god knows it needed something. She and Laura were like s****rs, they had shared many secrets together, she decided to ... ask her advice that night as she rose and wiped the cum off the chair and prepared to shower. &#034You're k**ding Mom, he really wants to watch you with a black man, how kinky, what do you think.&#034 &#034I don't know, watch this,&#034 as she put the movie back on. Laura watched open mouthed as the big black cock pounded the young girls cunt, she gasped when he fucked her ass hole, &#034oh my god, how does she take that in her tiny ass hole Mom.&#034 Ellen's pussy was wet again but she couldn't masturbate in front of her daughter, it would have to wait. &#034What do you think, think I should do it.&#034 &#034That young girl certainly enjoyed it, did you hear her squeals,&#034 said Laura her own pussy very wet as well. &#034It would only be a one off though, I wouldn't want to do it all the time, if I did,&#034 she answered quickly. &#034You've already decided haven't you,&#034 said Laura picking up on the last bit. &#034It had crossed my mind, your Daddy is a bit boring in bed I'm sorry to say, might be exciting to have someone order you to do things.&#034 &#034You mean like suck his cock,&#034 laughed Laura. &#034LAURA, you shouldn't say things like that, but yes,&#034 she laughed &#034If it's only once, go for it, what harm can it do, it's not like you're cheating or anything, Daddy knows all about it.&#034 Three weeks later the doorbell rang, Greg answered and two large black men stood there, Greg had found them in a magazine that catered for that sort of thing. &#034Mr ...