1. My New Roommate

    Date: 6/13/2017, Categories: Fiction, Author: Evilbread666, Source: sexstories.com

    Time was up. I had to leave my parents’ house. Only problem was, I was essentially broke. I’m a scrawny 19 year old going to college at the local community college. I have a part time job at a grocery store. I have nothing. I read an ad online saying there was a room for rent for $200 a month. The only issue was that it was a studio apartment I had to share. I didn’t have much choice. All of my belongings were in my backpack (yeah… things were bad), so I knocked on the door and prayed there wasn’t a serial killer on the other side. The door swung open, and a tall chubby girl with the biggest pair of boobs I’d ever seen opened the door. I didn’t even have a second before she snagged me and shoved my face into her breasts. She was wearing a white tanktop and no bra, but her chest was surprisingly firm and perky, despite each breast being as big as a watermelon. I was lifted off the ground. She was surprisingly strong. “I’m Lucy!” she said. “Are you going to be my new roommate?” I pulled my head out from between her boobs. She was actually kind of cute, with green eyes and dark brown hair. I didn’t have a choice. “Yeah. Is it still available?” She squealed with delight and tossed me into the air, then caught me again in her bosom. “Of course it is! You’re such a cutie! So, as the ad stated, you will have to share a bed with me. That’s ok with you right?” She walked me to her bed and plopped down on her knees. The bed was a mattress on the ground, which made sense, because it ... would probably collapse if it was on a frame. “This should be fine…” I said. “The bed’s a little small though. I don’t know if we can both fit.” “I guess we’ll have to snuggle then!” she said, laughing. Every time she laughed, her massive tits bounced up and down. “So, honey, do you have a girlfriend?” “Umm… no?” I said. Seemed obvious, and, I mean, she was practically having sex with me already. “You don’t have a boyfriend do you?” “I actually do!” she said. She bounced again. “He’s actually coming over now. Don’t worry, when we want to have play time I’ll take him into the bathroom. I’m a little bit surprised though. You’re even smaller than he is.” She winked at me. “I have a thing for little boys.” I blushed. The Doorbell rang. She put me down and walked to the door. Her ass was gigantic. If she ever sat down on the bed while I was laying on it, I’d be a pancake. She opened the door, but she blocked everything in front of her from view. Her body was so wide; you couldn’t really see past her. She leaned forward and rose back up. Turning towards me, she had lifted a guy about my size into the air and was making out with him. “Does baby boy want some love?” she asked him in a baby voice. He nodded (I don’t think he noticed me). She dunked his head into her massive cleavage. His head disappeared, and his hands fervently explored her large body. “He just loves my boobs,” she said to me. “Honey, this is my new roommate. Umm, what’s your name again?” “Mike.” “Yeah, Mike, this is ...