1. A Meeting With My Gym Teacher - Part Three

    Date: 6/14/2017, Categories: Taboo, Author: Mysteria27, Source: LushStories

    To get good grades and not study, you have to do other kinds of work. For me, I was now considered a "gym whore." I got straight A's and I had sex with my gym teacher. In all of this self discovery, I recently discovered I liked girls. I only found this out, because Mr. Shadows had Rhonda and I have sex together. I have now grown to like the taste of her pussy and love the closeness we share, when we make love together. Mr. Shadows gave Rhonda and myself a little break and we’ve gotten together a few times by ourselves. My parents had taken a long weekend and I invited Rhonda over for a sleepover. We actually couldn’t keep our hands off of each other and pleasured each other a lot during that weekend. We took long baths together and washed each other’s hair and bodies. We gave each other wonderful oil massages that led to intense oral sex sessions. We both had mind blowing orgasms one after the other. We had learned what we each liked to get each other off. We had some fun with tying each other up and then using ice cubes on each other’s bodies. It was fun to see how our bodies reacted with ice. Our nipples got very stiff and hard. We played with a glass vibrator which when it was either hot or cold, made us experience very intense orgasms. We were both learning what made each other aroused. We held each other and shared several passionate kisses. We explored each other over and over again. It was a very loving, tender, and passionate weekend. We told each other that we loved ... one another. I know we’re young and need to experience more, but for now we're totally exclusive with one another. Mr. Shadows must have been busy with sports, but just as soon as the football season was over, the texts started again. Except this time, the texts didn’t say to bring Rhonda. Mr. Shadows wanted me to dress like a cheerleader and meet him alone at his house. He said, he had a surprise for me. I didn’t talk about it with Rhonda. ** I’m not a cheerleader, but called one of my friends to borrow her uniform. I got myself all together and wore my hair in pigtails. I didn’t wear a bra so my nipples were poking out of the thin material. I put a white thong on and pulled up the short skirt. I also wore slouch socks and sneakers. I went to my mirror and did my make-up and just looked at myself. I looked like a slutty cheerleader. I suppose that was the effect he was looking for. I grabbed my purse and walked down the stairs. My parents were out for the evening. I walked to my car and drove myself over to his house. When I got there, I noticed another car in his driveway. I wondered who else was there. I got out and rang the doorbell. “Miss Wilson, we’ve been expecting you. Please come in.” When I got inside, I walked into the living room. I couldn’t believe that Mr. Johnson the other gym teacher was there. “Miss Wilson, you know Mr. Johnson." “Nice to see you, Mr. Johnson.” “Looking good, Miss Wilson. You’re a sexy girl in that outfit.” “I guess men like to see girl's as ...