1. My Hospital Stay: Monday

    Date: 6/14/2017, Categories: Masturbation, Author: countrylad81, Source: LushStories

    Stephen lay with his back propped up against the pillows of his hospital bed. Although he was getting better at it, he was still struggling to work his laptop with his good arm in a cast. His whole right hand was suspended in a contraption holding the bones of his hand in place while they healed. It was still a little unsettling to look at the small cables penetrating through his skin on the back of his hand and going all the way though to his palms. He'd been helping his uncle put in a new garage door when it had fallen and trapped his hand. Luckily it hadn't cut into him or damaged any veins, but it had broken three of the metacarpals and cause a lot bruising. Stephen had been here for four days now. Not that he'd slept much on the first night mind you. Other than solitaire, which he was still struggling with, he couldn't really play games with one hand. Despite having no choice but to try, he just couldn't coordinate his left hand to do what he normally did with his right. Stephen had watched everything new on Netflix that he hadn't already seen by now and would just have to start watching things from the start again. He looked out the large window to see the clear blue sky punctuated by an occasional fluffy cloud. Turning back, he reminded himself that the other three beds were now empty. On his first night there had been three of them in there. One old guy who needed an oxygen tank to breathe; from the looks of him he'd been a heavy smoker all his life. The other guy ... had been much closer to Stephen's own age. Jason was twenty three and had hurt his hand too but he'd simply burned himself repairing a car engine. He'd kept Stephen company for almost the full day before going home just after the evening meal. They had enough in common to keep each other company by talking about gaming, movies, music and a lot of other stuff too. Stephen kind of felt like he'd rather be alone than have an old guy again. He felt horrible for thinking that but for him it was true. The doctors and nurses were great and really paid attention to him, but when there was nobody else in the room he didn't see as many of them coming and going. He looked out the window again as he watched a passenger plane high up in the sky as it left a white trail behind it. Stephen then turned his restless head back to see someone coming into the room again. He could tell the difference between someone walking past and someone actually coming in to see him. Carol walked in with one of the junior nurses. The pair acknowledged him before checking the tidiness other beds. Carol then came over to him while the other nurse left again. "How are you this morning?" she asked him. "Good," Stephen replied. "I'm sleeping a little better," he then added. "How's the hand?" Carol came around to the other side of the bed to check on it. "I tried going without painkillers to see how it feels," he began. "Although it still hurts it's the itching that's the worst." "That's pretty normal," she explained ...