1. First time fuck with SIL set up by my Wife

    Date: 6/14/2017, Categories: Anal, First Time, Taboo, Author: dirtycoupleinVA, Source: xHamster

    My SIL has always made me hot she's a cute big girl average to borderline small tit size and a sexy fat round booty. I've known her for 14 years since she started dating my wifes b*o and constantly but discretely stared at her ass when she was around really wanting to fuck her. I never made comments about my little crush to anyone including her even though I badly would have loved to so not to cause drama. About 5 years ago they seperated her and my wife were still close maybe closer afterwards and over the following years she would drop an occasional compliment or dirty comment to me wow did it keep me thinking. Soon I would tell her how cute she looked how much I liked her tight jeans just little harmless flirty stuff which progressed. She started to really like the attention and eventually started sending me pic messages sexy outfits cute face shots then tit pics and dirty messages. My wife always knew but it started to get her really worked up shed talk about her when we were fucking and started getting in dirty private talks with her. She would get me really hard by telling me her SIL loved anal and share dirty stories she heard from her SIL it was so hot wrong and dirty. One night we were fucking and she said her SIL might want to fuck me I figured it was just dirty sex talk but later she told me it was true! I was a little stunned and really turned on &#034so would you fuck our SIL baby&#034 she asked &#034you know I do&#034 that answer gave her a huge smile. So she ... informes me in 2 weekends the three of us are having a night out together and the house will be empty when we get home. At the time I said still thought she was just talking &#034oh really&#034 she says typing on her phone a couple of minutes later I get a text on my phone from my SIL &#034I wanted to let you know your wife is not lying I'd love for you to take us both out for dinner and some drinks next Saturday&#034 then &#034I get really horny after a few drinks too ;-)&#034 I send her &#034So you're saying you want to get a little messed up and fool aroun with me and my wife&#034 &#034Sort of ;-)&#034 then &#034what we were thinking was we spend the evening out together then you take me to your house and fuck me in my ass for your wife&#034 I couldn't believe what I was reading or even reply and my wife says &#034we already knew it would be a yes baby you've always been obsessed with my SILs booty&#034. The next Saturday afternoon we got ready together my wife said she told our SIL to flirt with me the whole evening out. After were dressed waiting on the porch smoking she pulls in and walks over in a tight low cut shirt skin tight jeans on her fat sexy ass and ankle high black boots seeing my SIL dressed slutty and thinking about what might happen later that nighthad me hard right away. Then she walks over and sits on my lap &#034someone likes my outfit today&#034 with a little bit of a laugh &#034I love it you look really sexy&#034 My wifes look made it obvious she was ...