1. Slut! Things I enjoy

    Date: 6/14/2017, Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Voyeur, Author: neilmc123, Source: xHamster

    Slut! Things I enjoy: One of my all time favourite things is to wear high heels, black stockings and a garter belt with no panties. Put a nice skin-tight sexy mini-dress on top of this and take me dancing to a crowded club with a sexy driving beat. This is where I really come sexually alive. I love the sleazy attention of horny men when I'm dressed like this and acting like a total slut! My huge firm tits pushing the limits of the material of the skin-tight mini dress, as I dance and sway with my partner of choice. Feeling their hands all over the second skin of my dress, teasing and enticing my curvy figure. Feeling the guys playing with my tits and ass, running their manly hands up my small waist as we enjoy the music and undoubted sexual charge of the dance. When my dance partner turns me around so my ass is in their crotch and we grind into each other, this is what thrills me most, as their trouser covered cock pushes between my butt cheeks and if I arch my back and bend slightly I can feel their material coated cock slide between my shaved pussylips. I often push harder on their cocks at this point and encourage them to touch my tits and shaved pussy. The crowded dance floor hides a multitude of sexual activities, but I always try to ensure that my husband can witness all of the sexual action as this feeds his voyeuristic cravings. If the floor is really crowded With thronging couples, I will place my hands inside the trousers of my partner and stroke their hard smooth ... cock. Sometimes I even get their cocks out and guide them toward my shaved pussy, rubbing their bone hard erections against my shaved slit. If the moment allows, I will slide their cock inside my pussy for a sneaky fuck on the crowded floor. Not always to a happy ending, but its rather naughty getting a sneaky cock inside you for a sexual thrill and the guy has a little story for his friends. Once I even slid a guy's cock inside my ass. He'd been dirty dancing with me for a good twenty minutes and my state of arousal was extremely high. I leant back into his crotch after unzipping his cock, and guided his cock to my shaved pussy, but with the congestion of the dance floor, he moved forward and his cock pushed against my tight asshole. I was so aroused, I pushed back against his cock as the hard shaft prod into my sphincter and slid up my ass effortlessly. He fucked my ass for a good five minutes, shooting his spunk deep in my dirt box. I let his cock slide out of my ass with most of his cum landing on the crowded dance floor, and helped his cock back into his trousers. I turned round to kiss him deeply and left the dance floor with a slight trickle of his spunk running down my stockinged thigh to return to my awaiting husband. I'd just been fucked up the ass and didn't even know his name! My husband was thrilled at my antics that night and couldn't wait until we got home, and fucked me frantically in the back alley of the club as two guys looked on jerking their cocks. Hubby ...