1. A Hot Evening

    Date: 6/14/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Author: heplin, Source: xHamster

    I found myself with my cock softening in Liv's hand watching my jism slide and run across Stella's lovely, rounded Asian skin, making its way across her belly, her mons, slit and arsehole as she lay with her legs splayed on the floor in front of me. Liv, my lover and Stella's neighbour, had just wanked me off to a rapid climax over her latest conquest. Liv looked up at me with a grin and said, “Now then, time for you to regain your strength.” What a woman! Firstly she eased me back onto the sofa, then handed me my drink and then kissed me lightly on the mouth. “You just need a minute or two and then a bit of stimulation will get you firing on all cylinders again.” She lent across me, her tiny sweat slicked breasts rubbing across my chest hair and picked a ciggie out of the packet there, lit it and handed it to me. I took a few drags and reclined further with a satisfied smirk on my face. My cock was still thick but lay flaccid and slippery across my thigh, warm fluid seeping out a little on to my skin. I knew from experience that a brief hiatus would set me up. I momentarily let waves of relaxation sweep over me as I closed my eyes, breathing slowly. But I wasn't going to go too far off. The women seemed to have judged this right too as in my torpid state I heard a giggle and a sigh which made me instantly alert. Women, of course, have a greater capacity to keep their sex play going and how I do envy them that. They were now in the process of proving just how horny they ... were. Neither had come yet so naturally they were all geared up. I took a long drink, a heavy pull on my smoke and then rid myself of both of them before reclining once more but this time with my gaze focused on the scene unfolding on the floor. Stella was still laying on her back at right angles to me her feet pushed up against the sofa. Liv was on her hands and knees beside her and lent in to kiss Stella gently on the mouth. Their tongues became entwined and lapped softly at one another. Liv's hand reached out to Stella's chest and she began to stroke her podgy tits. The nipples grew erect and thick, crinkling the pale aureole. Liv squeezed and teased them before lowering her mouth to first one then the other. She licked them, revolving her tongue around them, then drew them each into her mouth giving small kisses and nips on the rigid flesh. Stella had her eyes closed now and was breathing heavily as Liv toyed with her soft mounds. My eyes took in her body and I saw that her thighs had fallen open which allowed her firm mound to part. Her inner lips were, at first, stuck together, but as her pelvis widened so did the gap between them so that they slowly unglued themselves. I noted how the skin of her outer labia was darkening and becoming flushed as Liv continued her oral assault on Stella's tits. My cum was still visible as greyish streaks of shining fluid across her shaved sex, the warmth of her pussy keeping it from drying out entirely. Stella began to slowly close and then ...