1. going to my new found friend

    Date: 6/14/2017, Categories: Anal, Gay, Interracial Sex, Author: loveer6262, Source: xHamster

    it was long day and i was bored so i open my text up and the guy from the adult store texted me his name was Ben and he sent me a pic of his dick it was long dark shaft with a pinkish tip and round balls with a little hair on it. it was hot so i text him a pic of my ass and he responded. he wanted to meet up so i ask him where he said his house so i got on some panties and some skin tight jeans and a nice shirt and got in the car and went. as i pulled up to his neighborhood it was a nice looking place i got to his house it was a level house painted dark blue. i walked up to the door i was nerves i have never done this before but i met him before so it couldn't be that scary. i rang the doorbell, he came to the door and invited me in he had a nice home one bedroom and a living room with a tv and a couch in it. as i walked in Ben grabbed my ass and started to feel it up. then he said &#034boy you got one nice ass i love feeling that, you wearing panties again&#034 i responded &#034maybe, maybe not i guess you have to find out&#034 he put on some music on and he started to dance to it and i joined in he was feeling me up and i started to feel him. i put my hand on his chest and moved it down slowly to his pants as he took his hand and put it on my back and he moved slowly down to my ass he started to rub and squeeze my ass cheeks. i moved my hand in his pants and started to rub his dick over his underwear. i could feel it in my hand warm soft. the music started to pick up pace ... so did Ben he turned me around and started to grind my ass with his pelvis so i started to grind my ass against his dick after the song ended he turned his radio off and took me to his couch and he sat me down. as he stood there with his genital area in my face i could not take my eyes away. i leaned in and kissed his pants wear his dick is and pulled down his sweat pants and i kept kissing his cock even tho his underwear was till on. he looked down to me and said &#034what do you like my dick that much you can't even wait a little&#034 i looked up at him and nodded. he started to remove his underwear but i stopped him and grabbed his pelvis with both of my hands and kept kissing, licking, and sucking on his dick. after it was getting semi hard i slowly pulled down his underwear and his dick popped out at me i leaned back to look at his penis it was just as good as it was last time i leaned back in and wrapped my lips around the tip of is cock and closed them and started to lick it. i slowly move my mouth down his shaft then back up without it leaving my mouth. i moved back down and this time i got his whole dick in my mouth my nose was leaning into his groin i could feel his balls under my mouth. i continued to suck on his dick for a wile. his dick started to pulse in my mouth so quicken my pace and i could feel his dick getting hotter and then he shot his load right into my mouth he quickly pulled his dick out and i could see his cum coming out and feel it land on my lips. ...