1. Listening In

    Date: 6/14/2017, Categories: Masturbation, Author: SecretOne96, Source: LushStories

    My name is Jessica. I'm nineteen years old. I'm tall for my age. My height ranges from 5'10" to 6'1". I have short curly black hair, dark brown eyes, and an olive skin tone. I'm heavy set with 44D breasts and a nice spankable round ass. Now that you have my description let's continue on. I was at my best friend's house. I wasn't spending the night, I was just hanging out watching television. It was around 2:00 in the morning. Me, her, and her boyfriend had all gotten back from the laundromat. After we got in she cleaned the kitchen and went to bed. Not long after her boyfriend went to bed as well. I was in the middle of watching a story on Dateline when I heard a noise coming from the direction of their room. Their room is located at the end of a short hallway and when I turned to look their door was closed but I could see that the light was on. At first I just dismissed it as the house settling but then I heard it again, only this time it was a little louder. I muted the television. For a while it was silent but then sure enough I heard the unmistakable sound of her moaning. I rolled my eyes, smiled to myself, and continued to listen. From the sound of her moaning it was obvious that her boyfriend was doing an amazing job. In my head I was able to picture them clearly. You see we have all seen each other nude at different points in time so the mental image wasn't hard for me to conjure up. In my head she was on all fours getting it from behind. At this point I noticed that ... I was starting to get wet. I shifted around a few times to try and help it but I just ended up making things worse. In order to distract myself, I unmuted the television and went back to watching Dateline. The noise didn't completely drown out the sound of her moaning but instead forced it to become a low sensual undercurrent. When Dateline ended I turned the television off and proceeded to gather my things to go home. The entire time I was getting ready the sound of her moaning only added to my arsouel. After I had gathered my things I sat down and charged my phone long enough to send her a quick text. The text read, "Hope you had fun lol," with a winking emoji at the end. I unplugged my phone, stood, and left. Since she only lived a few houses down from me the walk home wasn't that long. By the time I reached my front door I was so wet that when I flexed my thigh muscles I could feel my juices squish out a little. I quickly unlocked my door, flicked on the lights, and went in. Atfer I closed the door I stripped out of my clothes and went and laid on the couch. I spread my legs as far as they could go and slowly started the trek down to my pussy. I started out by playing with my nipples. I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger and then pulled them taught and released them. I repeated this until they were hard and sticking out. I then slowly glided my fingertips up and down my torso, enjoying my feather light touch and the gentle waves of pleasure rolling through me. ...