1. Shocking, Disgusting, Factual, and Reality.

    Date: 6/14/2017, Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Voyeur, Author: Fridagirl, Source: xHamster

    I feel I'm no different from any other woman alive. I want my freedom as our forefathers envisaged, not domination or subjugation, that's a sexual state of mind, not a gender or a political thing. To see a beautiful young woman, a teenager, or younger, and want to lift her skirt, pull her pants down, and have those minutes with her, then walk away, satisfied in the knowledge that you left her with something that could change her life forever, is a male dominating, testosterone loaded, fantasy that has been with us since time immortal. The world over females have been crushed, used and abused, religious, because we are the breeders to increase their numbers, ignorance like that is easily accepted by men wanting uncontrolled sexual pleasures from women too young to understand what's happening to them, and political, men and women, given power by the people they fuck, or dictatorial, where daughters are rounded up in a whim, formed into harems, where they are debauched with impunity. History has taught women to be submissive, after all we signify the highest pleasure men seek, I would never be the first or the last girl told to wait behind in class, to be caned, flogged, birched and penetrated, by a man in trust. How many young girls go home with semen flooding into their cotton knickers, another man's testicular contents, slowly stirred all day as he thinks about her, and waits his chance, to press his cock into those under-developed labia, feel her hymen stretch against his ... bullet headed shape, and the rush of heat, as she stretches and moulds for the first time in her life around his cock, each thrust bringing a gasp, her feet rising to her toes, her delicate panties on the floor. Most girls bleed by eleven now, you pump her full of that baby making shit, and her belly will swell by twelve, what a powerful image this conjures up in the perverted mind of a man wanting to fuck a girl, even his daughter, lying there cradling her teddy bear, while her body makes your baby, preferably, another little girl, my daddy had it all. 'Why daddy why'? It started during bath time, a soapy finger cleaned down there, each time a little further in until he could feel me around him squeezing his finger involuntary, like a heart that beats without anyone telling it, I was involuntarily reacting to his insertion, how can a girl midway through her first decade on Earth, do something so feminine, he must have thought, and his cock, that big fat thing he made me kiss and lick like a lollipop, wanted to know why his finger got all the fun, he was made to do that job, and daddy knew his cock was right, held him and said sorry to him, and let him push all the way inside me, and for the next five years, went all the way, knowing he was safe as houses, only stopping when he finished pumping. Bleeding brought on those could be tell tail signs that someone has been messing around with a little girls vagina, a forbidden fruit that most men savour. Daddy's fair weather friends ...