1. My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry

    Date: 6/15/2017, Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Mature, Author: oldognewtrix, Source: xHamster

    He was busy cleaning the taps going over in his mind what had just happened when above his head he heard the unmistakable sound of heels on an un carpeted floor, then he heard her voice calling down to him to get himself upstairs immediately. It was more of a shout than a call and he quickly put down the cleaning cloth and made his way to the stairs and started up them.At the landing he was faced with four doors and another set of stairs which he assumed would lead to the attic. He knocked on the nearest door and hearing no reply moved to the next one and knocked again. Enter came the voice of Jeanie, and he reached down to the doorknob, turned it and entered the room. She stood at the end of a bed, and his eyes moved up and down her taking in the tight corset and her huge breasts, he also couldn't help but notice that she was not wearing any panties and also how her flesh bulged at the top of her stockings. She placed one hand on her hip while the other one which held the crop gently tapped her calf with the leather instrument as she looked at him. From now on she told him i will refer to you as &#034it,&#034 you will not have a name because that is for your wife to decide, and when i say your wife i do of course mean your Mistress. It is up to her to choose a suitable name for you but to me you will always be just &#034it&#034.... Now &#034it&#034 take off your clothes and fold them neatly and put them onto the chair by the door. He did as he was told and soon he stood ... before her naked, come closer she said and he did so, she used the end of her crop to lift his cock which although still limp was starting to swell a little. Mmmm that cock needs to be shaved as of course does the rest of your body, but again i am not your Mistress i am just standing in until she takes full control of you so for now you may remain hairy. She let his cock fall as she sat on the bed with the crop across her plump thighs and looked up at him. Your wife, your Mistress has told me all about you and your earlier adventures before you met her, she has also told me about your hidden secret, your DVDs that you kept hidden from her and she has also told me that i may do with you as i wish. She smiled as she uttered the last part and he suddenly felt nervous, nervous but tinged with a touch of excitement as he wondered what she had planned for him. She could see from how his cock twitched slightly at her words that for him submission was what turned him on, the uncertainty of not being in charge of what was to happen was for him an experience he desired and wanted. Kneel before me she told him and use that tongue of yours to lick my heels. He knelt and took one of her feet between his hands and bowed his head and started to lick the red patent leather of her heels, he licked every part of that shoe and then gently placing it back on the floor he lifted her other foot and did the same with her other shoe. Enough she shouted at him as she pulled her foot away from him. Do you ...