1. Committed, but Deprived - Follow Up

    Date: 6/15/2017, Categories: Fetish, Masturbation, Author: goinstrong, Source: xHamster

    If you've read my post of a couple of days ago, &#034Committed, but Deprived,&#034 you know about Amy and me - a whirlpool and a soak - and shared masturbation in my hotel suite. You also know I informed her we could also share masturbation together on web calls. Well, as promised, we did strike up a phone call after she returned home. She was alone, as her husband is gone a great deal. Her k**s are very active in social and sports activities, so she had the house to herself. I asked if she still wanted to create an account on a social web site, and she said &#034Yes - Absolutely!&#034 With that, I directed her to a site (S***e) that permits texting, photo sharing, and audiovisual web calls. I coached her on setting up the account, and in a very few minutes, she was fully functional on line. After helping her navigate the site, and how to text - share photos - and make web calls, we agreed to repeat what we'd done in my hotel suite last Monday night. I called her, and she had already been schooled in how to accept the call. When I clicked the &#034call&#034 button on the web site, she picked up immediately. She was as lovely as she had been in the hotel. It was strange seeing her on the screen, having enjoyed face-to-face contact less than 48 hours earlier. She must have thought this out after getting home, for she was dressed very nicely: cream-colored gauzy blouse that buttoned up the front, and a brown skirt. She wore underwear (turns out it was matching bra and panty, ... light beige to match her skin). It was great to reconnect, and we chatted nicely about our en suite encounter in front of a porn-filled flat panel TV. She thanked me again for sharing the experience, and said she was still reeling from the multi-sensory happening. Rather than say &#034Should we get naked,&#034 I began a fairly graphic conversation about Monday night. I made reference to how she was dressed for the web call, and complimented her on how great she looked sans clothing. She blushed, and rather stammered out a verbal response: &#034Th-th-ank you so much! I'm not used to getting compliments, so am not very good at accepting them!&#034 I replied, &#034Let's put the past behind us, and let's move forward in your newly-found fetish of shared masturbation. OK?&#034 She agreed, and asked, &#034So, what's next.&#034 I suggested we simply have a nice sexually-laced conversation - to get hot. We would then progressively remove clothing - slowly - to make the situation hotter. She agreed, and said, &#034God, if only I was with someone like you in my life. It would be grand!&#034 I smiled and said, &#034Amy, it's a thrill to have started such a great connection with you. It can only get better. Let's take things slow and easy, and things will happen. New doors will be opened - just be patient!&#034 We began to speak of our fetishes and desires. For her, emphasis was on shared masturbation and being comfortable having orgasms as she pleased. For me, it was discussing many of my ...