1. Fucking my friend's wife on vacation (Part 2)

    Date: 6/15/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Voyeur, Author: wzzzyzk, Source: xHamster

    The next day we didn’t hit the beach until the afternoon, but when we did it followed the pattern we’d established in previous days; Anna went topless, and I enjoyed watching the steady stream of men who wandered by us checking out her tits. As the sun began to dip on the horizon, I began to wonder if she’d forgotten about her promise to go bottomless on the beach, but I wasn’t to be disappointed. As if reading my mind, she shot me a sly smile, and asked if I was ready. “Ready? What do you mean?” “…Oh, I think you know…” Slowly, she slid her fingers down her body to her waist and hooked them under her bikini bottom. Shooting me a devilish smile, she lifted her legs up and in towards her body while pulled her bottoms down over her ass, and then up and over her legs. She tossed them aside casually as she settled back into her lounge chair. With her pussy completely exposed, I took a moment to enjoy the view. She’d shaved herself completely, not a look I’m particularly drawn to, but undeniably sexy given the circumstances. With her legs parted slightly, nothing was left to the imagination for anyone who wandered by. For the next hour I watched as the men on the relatively quiet beach found a reason to wander past us. From a discreet look, to blatantly checking her out, they all looked, to a man. “You really like this don’t you…even more than just showing off my tits?” ”It’s not often a girl exposes her cunt for everyone to see, so yeah, I’m fucking loving this!” She laughed at ... my enthusiasm, and then leaned in towards me. “This IS making me pretty wet. How much longer before we go back to the hotel room and you use my pussy instead of showing it off? -------------------- When we got back to the hotel room, Anna threw herself at me. She was d***k and horny and after watching her naked on the beach for hours, I was more than happy to oblige her. She ended up on top of me, and stripped off her our bathing suits until she was on top of me, naked, her breasts hanging down in front of my face tantalisingly. “I’m going to fuck you now.” in her most seductively d***k voice. I slipped a finger between her legs and felt the wetness she’d alluded to minutes before. “You weren’t k**ding about being wet. I think you like acting like a slut even more than I like watching you.” “Maybe I’m not acting. Maybe I’m just a slut.” “As long as I get to fuck you, I don’t really care.” “It doesn’t bother you that I’ve had so many men in my pussy?” “Have you?” She giggled, and I watched her take my dick into her hand and then gently ease herself down onto me. I felt the penetration, and then I was deep inside her. “I fucked a lot of guys when I was younger.” She rose up and then sank back down on my dick, slowly fucking me. Listening to her talk about how many men had been inside her while she was fucking me was a huge turn on, so I asked her to tell me more. She rocked up and down, riding me leisurely, as I listened to stories of her promiscuous youth. My buddy hadn’t lied; ...