1. CFNM with complete stranger

    Date: 6/15/2017, Categories: Fetish, First Time, Voyeur, Author: funtime4u732a, Source: xHamster

    Ok thank for the comments on my first CFNM experience. I know that it was for a gf and that some consider not a stranger, so here's one with a complete stranger. I had just moved into a new apartment community. It was a combination of town homes, condos, and apartments. I was lucky and got a place in one of the two eights story towers. The community also had a convenient store, a bar (that served food), 3 ski hills, 4 lakes with boating and sailing and a 60 team sand volleyball league. It had only two entrances, so once you were home you felt like you were at a resort. Well getting on a team was a challenge unless you were a guy that came with a girl. So not to miss out on the fun, I formed my own team. I was sitting in the bar having just finished dinner and filling out the forms for my team when in walked my super hot leasing agent. She saw me and invited me to the new resident mixer she was hosting that evening. For the purposes of this story I'll call her Stacey. I helped her set up. She was super hot...like smoking!!! About 5'3&#034 (spinner class), cute girl next store face, nice firm breasts, great hips, super legs. This was all covered with a sexy blouse, short (but professional mini-skirt), and nude colored pantyhose. New residents started showing up and the group partied. Drinks and food were free for new residents for the first hour and we took advantage of it. Sally was also drinking. After the first hour the crowd thinned, and it was me, Sally, and three other ... older guys. Sally and I were getting along, but I must have missed that signals that she was into me. She got up to finalize the tab, and one of the other guys said, &#034she wants you&#034. I said &#034really?&#034 and the other two said &#034OMG dude she's totally into you.&#034 Sally showed back up at the table and we continued to drink. After a while Sally excused herself to go to the bathroom and I also had to go. I did my business and waited for Sally to come out. She came out and I mentioned I had waited for her to which she replied, &#034that was so nice.&#034 So I decided to test the other guys theory that Sally was into me and said would you like to take a walk. We walked up the ski hill chatting, until we reached the top. She turned and looked at me and asked &#034So why did you bring me up here?&#034 I replied &#034to do this&#034 and kissed her. We'll the theory was validated within a minute. She returned my kiss and soon we were down on the ground passionately kissing with our hands all over each other. I reached down and felt her ass. I had such a raging hard on. Soon I gradually unzipped her skirt and put my hands and felt her ass and pantyhose. She just had the thin pantyhose and nothing else under the skirt. She commented that it was &#034no panties&#034 Thursday, a popular morning radio show theme. We continued to enjoy each other. Soon my hand went under her pantyhose to her bare ass. Such a great ass, firm but soft. I lowered my reach to touch her pussy. ...