1. Newlywed Game

    Date: 6/15/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Author: thatguy625, Source: LushStories

    My friend, Nick, and I had always been good friends. We met Freshman year of high school and somehow managed to stay friends for the next ten years without ever getting romantically involved, which is rare for a girl and a guy during those years. That’s not to say there were never rumors. People always suspected that there was more than we were letting on, but we honestly treated each other like family. For whatever reason, it just never happened. We had each other’s backs through our individual strings of shitty relationships throughout high school, college, and beyond. We always knew more about each other than anyone we were dating. There were some close calls, especially in college when alcohol was introduced into the mix, but there was always something that held us back. Maybe it was the fact that we already knew how bad we both were at relationships and didn’t want to fuck up our friendship. As the years went on, we grew closer and closer. It was that closeness that ruined a lot of our own relationships. I can’t even count the number of guys and girls that left us in that time because we spent so much time with each other. I totally understand it now, too. Nick is a really attractive guy - a little over six feet tall, lean and muscular. Guys didn’t want me hanging around with him so often; they couldn’t believe we were just friends. Girls were the same way with me. I could tell the instant I met them that they didn’t like or trust me around Nick. And who could really ... blame them. I’m a petite girl with blonde hair and perky breasts - who would want that around their boyfriend all the time. But like all things of this nature, lines were bound to be crossed at some point. Perhaps if we were not habitually terrible at being in relationships, it never would have happened. One night, after about two bottles of red wine, Nick and I were doing our usual bitching about our current relationships. She was too needy for him; mine was too insecure for me. “Jesus, Nick, I swear we’re just going to have to forget this whole dating thing and just fuck each other already,” I joked. “Tiff, you couldn’t handle it, trust me!” He shot back. It was a joke we had made about a thousand times over the past couple years. “Oh please, you and that little dick wouldn’t last two minutes!” I said, laughing. “Little dick?! You must be talking about someone else!” Nick replied. “Oh, yeah, Mr. Big Shot? Prove it,” I challenged him, the wine making me a little more aggressive than usual. “Oh, don’t be ridiculous. We make the same jokes week after week and it always ends the same. It’s like a game of chicken!” he said. “Chicken? You’re saying I would stop first?” I said, growing stubborn. “I know you would,” he said, defiantly. “Pull it out then. Let’s see who the chicken is.” Lines were definitely being crossed as Nick stood up off the couch in front of me and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his athletic shorts. He gave me a look as if he was looking from me to stop ...