1. Surprised husband came to meeting alone

    Date: 6/15/2017, Categories: Anal, Gay, Group Sex, Author: Cm4me2, Source: xHamster

    Hi, I was a sometime swing partner for this hot couple. MJ is a fun, very busty bbw. Rik is a usually quiet 50 year old, hardbody. He called me just as I was leaving work. Said to meet them at an abs. I was about on time and did not see their car. I saw the car pull in and only saw him. I walked over and said hello, change of plans? He said no, just follow me. Thought it was a little strange...but MJ has huge breasts and a big cunt. She always makes me laugh. Pulled into a driveway 30 min. Later. 3 cars I didn't know, but parked out front just as another car pulled up. Went up to the house, fading grey paint. Rik knocked on the door, in we went. The other new arrival entered with us. Rik is about 6'6 , 240. The other guy that came in with us was 60ish , balding, and chubby. I asked about MJ , and Rik said to wait. I stood in the entry, as Rik went into the kitchen. The other guy asked if I was the cocksucker for the party. A bit nervously I replied that I wasn't sure what was going on. Rik hollered to come into the kitchen. We walked in, I saw a nude guy. He was about 5'5 wide body, very hairy. Just starting to go grey. He had low hanging balls and average looking cock. He saw me looking and said to get undressed. I waved at Rik to go talk to me, but he just grabbed a beer and went downstairs. The chubby guy was naked as he went downstairs also. I told the thick guy I didn't know what was going on. He said Rik owed him money and I was going to be payment. My being bi and ... curious .... OK so I disrobed and slowly went downstairs. I never got anyone elses name. 2 more guys were in the basement. It smelled a little damp. Old wood panelling, ugly green carpet. Television showing porn. Annie sprinkle was peeing on someone. In front of the TV was a platform with a big round cushion on it. One of the other guys, both about the same size, average , gave me a beer. Drank that in a second or two. It was explained to me that I was to suck them all . I was told to get on my knees on the cushion. As I knelt, I realized that the whole thing spun around. A lazy Susan for cocksucking. The guy that gave me a beer walked up and grabbed his dick and slapped my face as I leaned forward. I really enjoy being dick slapped. I stuck my tongue out and he whacked his cock on my tongue and lips. I felt someone walk up behind me and grabbed my head . The guy put his cock into my mouth. it was starting to get hard. The guy behind me let go and started rubbing his cock on the back of my neck. The cock in my mouth was hard, my guess would be about 6or 7 in. Pretty thick, and I could feel his balls bouncing against my chin. He started to moan and I thought that didn't take long, when I felt this magnificent blast of cum explode into my cumslut mouth. He fixed a few streams and pulled out and reached behind my head to play with the other cock. I grabbed his Dick and locked off the last drops and told him thank you for your cum. The guy behind me jumped off the cushion and stuffed ...