1. Mutually Assured

    Date: 6/15/2017, Categories: Mature, Author: ClarkRoberts, Source: LushStories

    Lately, I’ve developed a thing for high-priced call girls. For the past couple of years, I’ve been using a high-end escort service. The service offers a variety of intelligent and vivacious girls for $500 per hour. The girls come right to my office, so I don’t have the added expense of a hotel room. The office is where I spend most of my time these days anyway, now that my kids are grown and my wife has gone through the change. After my wife started menopause, sexual intercourse became painful for her. Instead of searching for a solution, she just quit having sex. I haven’t lost my sex drive though and masturbation proved to be a poor substitute. I love sex with a woman way too much to give it up. The sensation of sliding my hard cock into the wet warmth of a pussy is an indescribable pleasure. Nothing can beat the thrill of hearing a woman gasp at the moment of penetration. And, I have yet to find anything more euphoric than busting my nut into the wanton womb of a woman. Turning to call girls seem to be a practical solution. They provide physical gratification without the emotional attachments, which suited me just fine. I still love my wife and I don’t want to end our thirty-year marriage with some tawdry affair. Nor, do I want to risk my business to a sexual harassment lawsuit by hooking up with one of my female employees. The expense of the call girls seems cheap in comparison to the cost of an affair inside or outside the workplace. The escort service has a couple of ... girls I request on a regular basis, but neither is available tonight. The service suggested a new girl, who they say is young, beautiful and eager to please. They promise I won’t be disappointed. She’s on her way, now. Rocking in my chair behind my big wooden desk, I suck on an after dinner mint. I don’t want the lingering taste of Chinese takeout on my breath. Not that it matters to the escorts. They usually don’t kiss, claiming the total girlfriend experience costs extra. Maybe, the new girl will be different. I like to kiss when I fuck. It’s after hours and my staff has gone home, so I leave my office door open. I hear the elevator ding, announcing someone has arrived on my floor. The office layout is patterned in a typical cube farm. A wide open room crisscrossed with cubicles for the office workers and along the side walls are individual offices for the middle managers who stand sentinel over the workers. Looking past my secretary’s desk, littered with clerical paraphernalia, I catch sight of a young woman as she saunters past the cubicles . A giddy excitement makes my heartbeat accelerate. The call girl has arrived. A royal blue dress flatters her hourglass figure and is feminine and flirty. A smile tips the corners of her sensuous mouth. She spots the soft illumination of my desk lamp. It dimly lights the way to the large office along the back wall, the boss’s office, my office. Confident that I’m watching her, she adds a little extra sway to her step, sexily slinging ...