1. Journey To Work And Mary My Mature Nylon Tights Pa

    Date: 6/15/2017, Categories: Fetish, Mature, Voyeur, Author: CockBoy1970, Source: xHamster

    A story of how my boring mundane work journey was made bearable by fantasising about a lady who used to get on my train each day, her inspiration for this story came from her gorgeous nylon clad legsthe lady was real sadly the story is made up... One day on the train to work, the mature lady who most days i shared a train carriage with on the way to work, asked if I liked what I saw when I overdid the fleating glances at her vey smart work attire. Her attire of smart black blazer, white blouse, with lacy bra (sporting a more than ample bosom), tight just above the knee pencil skirt, black sheer very shiny seamed nylon possibly 7 denier and 5&#034 black stiletto heels, she was always immaculately dressed from top to bottom and the seams on her nylons were never ever crooked. This lady was always on my train and I usually found a way to sit not too far away from those luscious legs, she'd sit there with one leg crossed over the other for most of the journey tantalising us by switching legs every so often but never ever showing more leg than from the knee down, her skirt never ever showed above the knee. It was fascinating watching how many men just sat for most of the journey trying to make it not too obvious what they were doing, (and failing badly) we were this lady's slaves but the best bit wasNOT KNOWING! WHAT SHE HAD ON UNDERNEATH HER CLOTHES! Was it tights? (if so they looked very expensive probably wolford) or a Suspender belt and stockings combo? (after all being an ... older lady she would have grown up wearing these) or a bodysuit or girdle with attached suspenders and stockings? Or lacy top hold ups? I almost sent myself mad over the years trying to work it out, I'm sure a few of us would have sold our souls to see a glimpse of stocking top or a full length nylon leg. One day a young girl sat in the same carriage and she had a short skirt and I mean SHORT! SHORT!, short enough so that if she crossed her legs the white triangle of her panties would be on show, of course we didn't ignore her, who could, we`re men and that magic white triangle is the 8th wonder of the male world, but even still most male eyes were cast on our glamorous grilf and I think she knew this, she had such a way in her manor and the way she carried herself and the way men admired her was breath taking she had a class about her that is sadly lacking in todays young ladies. The day she spoke to me I must have really over done the stares and admiration and the carriage was empty it was just me and her in the row we were sat in, she just simply said &#034excuse me&#034 i was taken back and just said &#034hello&#034 she carried on &#034do you know you always sit in the same carriage as me, you have done every day for maybe 5 years now and I don't even know your name &#034 this took me by surprise so I told her my name and she introduced herself as Mary, we both said &#034hello pleased to meet you uncannily at the same time &#034 she took a pause and then she shocked me by ...