1. Hannah (Pt 3)

    Date: 6/15/2017, Categories: BDSM, Author: AndreaJordan, Source: LushStories

    The lift doors opened and Emma walked out into the office that she had run for the past three year. She was about to turn thirty-five and was a total career girl. She was dressed in blue jeans and a tight bright pink top, her long black hair up in a pony tail. She saw Hannah sitting on top of the safe. “Hi Hannah. What are you doing in today?” Hannah quickly crossed her legs and pulled down her skirt, hoping desperately that her boss hadn’t noticed that she was naked underneath. “Err.... just waiting for a friend to call and umm... going for a drink in town,” she muttered nervously. Emma didn’t seem to notice anything was wrong as she walked into her office and started rummaging through papers on her desk. “Have you seen my locker key, I need to change into my running kit.... it was attached to the safe key I think.” The key ring that her boss was looking for was on the floor in front of the safe where Hannah had dropped it in her hurry to touch herself. Hannah quickly jumped down off the safe and was about to grab the keys when she saw her underwear also lying in plain view on the floor. In a split second decision, Hannah first grabbed her panties and only then grabbed the keys, however by this time Emma was already coming out of her office. “I really should take better care of these!” Emma said as she took the keys from Hannah’s hand and stuffed them into the front pocket of her jeans. Hannah was in shock. Tom was locked inside the safe and her bitch of a boss had just ... walked off with the only keys. She’d only been Tom’s girlfriend for a matters of days and now she was about to be responsible for his slow and painful death. Hannah watched with panic as Emma walked into the lift and the doors closed behind her. “Oh my god, that bitch has taken the keys!” Hannah cried, as she ran over to the lifts and back over to the safe still holding her underwear in her hand. She typed in the code and pulled at the handle, maybe she hadn’t actually turned the key. What was she thinking? Of course she had. She remembered the pulse of excitement that she had felt when she had heard the mechanism click over. She pulled as hard as she could at the door until she noticed that she was shaking. She stopped pulling and wiped away a couple of tears from her cheek. What had she done? Why had she had this to Tom, it was a stupid idea. How could she get him out? Hannah realised that she was still holding her panties in her hand and threw them down and kicked them across the floor in frustration. Although after a few moments she calmed down, picked them up and slid them up over her sim legs. She looked down at her tarty yellow dress, wishing that she was wearing something less conspicuous. She tried in vain to pull it further down her legs as she sat down on the nearest chair and kicked the floor in frustration. Maybe she could catch up with Emma and discretely take the keys from her pocket? Fat chance. Even if she had to confess to her secret she would. But either way it ...